Is Fletcher About to Enter the Race for Mayor?

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I got an email today from a friend that seems to be in pretty close touch with Nathan Fletcher and company. She will remain nameless, but I thought it was worth publishing. I’ll skip the chatter back and forth and just hit the part I thought was important:

Yes I think NF is going to be in. I hear in the next ten days. I think that makes the race a real barn burner. I think he can raise more than BD or CD. So you have the right winger, and you have the top cop, and now you have the war hero. This is San Diego … lots of former military around … maybe he can get votes from everyone on that.”

So this week or next? Anyone else hear that?

When (and if) he gets in I think his strategy will be to play big — to raise a ton of money right away.


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  1. I am hearing the same chatter, although is it really a surprise? With the June fundraising period coming up, I’m sure others will get in too.

  2. Don’t underestimate DeMaio’s and Dumanis’ fundraising. DeMaio is going to have no problem fundraising, he has a solid base of local donors, plus he can self fund.

    Dumanis has been cultivating donors since 94, and she can access national LGBT donors.

    Fletcher has been a solid fundraiser in the past, but his donors care about state issues. They usually write large personal and corporate checks. It’s going to be harder to raise under the low city limit. Fletcher is a good campaigner , and his hopes probably rest on steady growth of his campaign.

  3. Fletcher has been gathering financial commitments for ages, with the goal of scooping them up rapidly right after getting in and before disclosure. If you ask me it goes, money wise, in first disclosure:


  4. If he does enter the race, look out for his fundraising numbers after his first reporting period. The man is the best fundraiser I have ever seen. Even restricted by the draconian contrib limits here in SD, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to blow the doors off the place.

  5. We all know he’s running, I fail to see the story here. The fundraising totals for June will be interesting. I see Dumanis lagging in that group.

  6. The discussion here is of more value than the post itself. Wow, breaking news, Fletcher is running for Mayor. Maybe Murphy’s intent was to get some discussion! 😉

  7. I’m not convinced Fletcher is poised to blow CD or BD out of the water. They all have networks they can tap. BD has many years on NF, and CD is going to match donations dollar for dollar the first month. If anything, NF might lag behind the two in the first couple reporting periods.

  8. Don’t underestimate Dumanis, her name ID will make her a tough candidate to knock out in this race.

    And for DeMaio, he clearly has an early start on fundraising. 😉

  9. I agree with “Not convinced” up above. Carl DeMaio has Lincoln Club and GOP establishment connections, not to mention the Prop D coalition he built, that could give him a ton of early money. Bonnie Dumanis has downtown money support, as well as the potential for national LGBT donor money flowing in.

    Both will probably beat Mr. Fletcher in the first fund raising report.

  10. Interesting article and quote from

    “You have 24 days in June to make a statement,” said Tom Shepard, a longtime political strategist who’s working for state Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher’s campaign.

    I don’t pay enough attention to know how long Shepard has been working with Nathan, but this seems a fairly certain indicator that Fletcher is about to enter the race.

  11. After he enters then what? Do money and a pretty face beat a downtown pol and LBGT oldster? Does a well financed ,his/their money, young northsider with LBGT connections of his own carry the day because he drives the issues? Is this reality politics or what?

  12. If Shepard is working for NF’s mayoral, then it undercuts Dumanis’ position with the downtown money. Furthermore, Dumanis is a prime target for opp research (as much for the prosecutions that the public integrity task force didn’t make as much as the ones it did). But, she has the benefit of NF and CD splitting the same vote. DeMaio probably won’t be able to match NF dollar for dollar, but he can raise enough – remember that he can still fund-raise in the DC community – and there is a point where money has a waning effect (see Steve Francis and Peter Q. Davis).

    Still waiting for the Dems to field just one high profile candidate that can be automatically penciled in for ~40% of the primary and an auto-bid to the runoff. Depending on who that is, this might just turn into a real cluster after a primary election where the biggest $ candidates (CD & NF) will run a race to the right.

  13. For the sports fans out there, this is the match up of consultants right now for the Republican candidates for mayor:

    Dumanis: Jennifer Tierney
    DeMaio: Revolvis
    Fletcher: Tom Shepard

  14. And here I was sure that DeMaio would end up on Team Jen when Duennifer split up?…or the other way around.

  15. What about transfers from State committees? I thought fair game if you only transferred what you would have if the individual had contributed under the city’s rules. So if John Smith had given $3400 to your assembly race, you can move $1000 over from John to your City council race. Not sure (but I am sure someone on Rostra is) whether this is a one time thing or whether smart state senators, assemblymembers and especially congressmen could move $$ continually through that system – thus tapping into funders that are interested in covering their bets should the exploration prove to be just that and the candidate comes back to run in his/her seat.

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