If Not Now, When?

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Once upon a time, there stood a “Grand Old Party”, the party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan.  A political party that stood for principles and values.   There once was a party that was not ashamed to say their platform was pro-life, pro-family and good old “America-First” values.  Where is this party because I want to join!   

Never before in our history have our Constitutional principles and our freedoms, values and American culture and way of life been under attack as it is today.   Will we stand firm now to restore our principles and values?    If not now, when?

Will we wait until our kids and grandkids have the yolk of government oppression on them?  Their future paychecks are already docked even before they get out of school.   Will you be able to look your child in the eye and say you did everyhing you could to fight the loss of liberty or were you too afraid of being called a name, like “too conservative”, “right wing” or even “racist” because you support America?     We stand at a pivotal time.  If the Republican party will go back to its roots, it can actually win big and take back our country from the socialist Democratic party control that is destroying our very foundations.  

Because of citizens’ unhappiness with their elected officials, the push to form a third party is getting stronger.   At this time, that would be devastating to the Republican party because so many of the principles which we should be espousing would be pre-empted by a third party.  I feel it is far wiser and better to rebuild the Republican party and to firm up its principles than to go for broke and try a third party.  

HOWEVER, if the party does not embrace its founding principles, we, as our nation once did, will have no choice but to look for independence.

Every candidate on the Republican ticket for any office tries to put themselves in the same league as Pres. Ronald Reagan.   How absurd is that? They make promises they can’t and won’t keep and they vote like the Rhinos so many of them are.  Then came the scandals.  A once-respected fighter pilot Congressman who whores his votes and another Senator playing footsie in the restrooms, just to name a few.   A bunch of elitists from both parties, serving life sentences as House and Senate members, losing touch with the average American and OUR VALUES each and every day!    And the best we could put up as the leading candidate for President was McCain, the most liberal of them all.   Certainly we have some honorable officials serving in Congress, but beyond those few, who stood with the American citizens against the Bush bailout, they are few indeed.  No wonder the Republican voters feel disenfranchised.   

Remember Colin Powell criticizing the Republican Party as being in “big trouble” because they are not center enough?  (Read it in CongressDailyAM).   Powell says the GOP is “getting smaller and smaller” and hopes that rising leaders in the party will not voice the values of the “far right”.   The media had a field day with this because they knew if they say it enough, people will begin to believe it!  How false that turned out to be!

First of all, this moving to the left is exactly the reason Republican voters have left the party in droves or are sitting on the sidelines.   In walking precincts in the 2006 primary, 2006 general and 2008 elections, the voters were united in their disillusionment with the GOP.  They said the party was not conservative enough and they were not enthusiastic to come out and vote for people who would not represent them and stand for principles.   I remember standing in a man’s driveway begging him to come out to vote because we needed his vote.  Retired from the Navy, he was so upset with the party he really felt his vote would not count.   So home they stayed.  And Obama we got.

Instead of embracing the conservative base of the party, we keep hearing the phrase, “Oh, so-and-so is too conservative.  They are a polarizing figure”.   For example, I remember hearing that over and over at the CA GOP convention back during the recall effort of Gray Davis when I would say I was voting for Tom McClintok instead of Arnold.   And the result is the people we elect support higher taxes, open borders, bigger government and more restrictions on our freedoms.  Gov. Sarah Palin is a rising star in our party, yet so many in the party are critizing her.  She was the reason the Republican party had a brief renaissance – a fresh face and principles!  Don’t they see that the Democrats are afraid of her and that is the very reason the media is on full attack mode?    

Yes, this is a pivotal time in our history.  The GOP can take control for the next 20 – 30 years if we take back our party and embrace our founding principles.  Maybe we need to dust off and embrace the Constitution.  It is not embarrassing to quote from it.   President Reagan, just six weeks in office stated in a proclamation, “The freedom to choose a Godly path is the essence of liberty”.  He also stated that the Soviets, “believe that freedom is precious, too, so they ration it like all the other goods their people don’t have”.    Too bad our nation is beginning to sound more like the second quote.


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  1. You have correctly stated my feelings on this subject. I once proudly announced that I was a Republican. Now, I am a conservative first and a Republican second. We can, and need to take our party back. I will not support a candidate that will not pledge to support the “old” platform, that has somehow gotten lost. The Dem’s are on TV talking about our not being willing to compromise on “Health Care Reform”. How can you compromise on something that doesn’t make any sence. Health care is in trouble, but the remendy that has been proposed is not the best answer. I cure is simple, Tort reform, deregulate the insurance industry and provide for the uninsurable under Medicade.

  2. Well stated. When oh when will the Republicans get a clue and realize they have not been acting like Reagan for the past few years!

  3. Marie hit it right on the head! When the elected officials in Washington won’t,or,don’t listen to the people then it’s time to get rid of them and start fresh! Even to the point of starting a third party!

  4. Could you imagine if our Founding Fathers decided not to “rock the boat” and create our own country? We would still be living under British rule!

    I can see your point on the third party issue but enough is enough! Too many liars, thieves and whores in both parties that take turns screwing the American people.

    Fine, if true conservatives want to take back the GOP and MEAN WHAT THEY SAY…I’ll support it. But how many more times do we need to be fooled before we say it is time for a third party? How many more lies must we hear?

    …just like your title, “If Not Now, When?”

  5. Marie has it right!
    I no longer donate directly to the Party.
    For the past few years I have donated directly to candidates who understand and express what conservatism is.
    Just yesterday I received a phone call from the Party asking that I renew my support. I responded politely but firmly with my reasons for not doing so. I also asked that my thoughts be relayed to those in charge.

  6. Was watching CPAC on C-Span and hearing all the talk – some from conservatives and some who call themselves. I think the voters are getting better at discerning the difference between the real, true conservatives and the neo-cons.

  7. Very well said, Marie! I do hope that the Tea Partyers, of which I am one, will strengthen the Republican Party by supporting true conservative candidates in the Fall, rather than diluting it thru support of any third party or independant candidates. Regarding 2012, does Newt Gingrich sound good? Does to me!

  8. Thank you Marie! You consistently stand for the princilples of our founding fathers and those enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. Most people don’t seem to realize that Obama espoused conservative views during the last 2 or 3 weeks before the presidential election. The very time when 30% to 40% of the voters make their final decision on who to vote for. The conservative candidate during the last two or three weeks of the election won the election. Of course Obama had no intention of following conservative positions and soon after the election abandoned them. Marie, never before have we been in such great need of leaders like you who keep us on the straight and narrow path that will keep us moving in the right direction. Our future as a free and and strong and prosperous nation rests on leaders like you who will stand up for the core values that have made us the envy of the rest of the world. Thank you again for your strong leadership. Hey folks, don’t let your conservative friends avoid voting. In fact you need to be encouraging them to run for the Republican Central Committee. The next two weeks is the time to gather the 20 signatures you need to qualify. Or get active: http://www.ourcaucus.com/ or http://www.eagleforumsandiego.com/ or

  9. I think Ross Perot proved that a third party just dilutes the vote without providing a numericaly viable alternative. It seems to me that what is lacking in the current Republican party is a strong conservative leader around whom conservative voters can and will rally. Who that is I’m not sure, . Not sure about Newt but he might be one who could do it.. My favorite at the present is Sarah Palin (reminds me a little of you) She has the proper values and a great track record. I’d vote for her without reservation.

  10. Mayor Waldron:

    You’ve hit the 10 ring on this one. After years of The R party trying to be come Democrat-Light, it has to stop. I am tired of hearing Republican’s taking a position like “I also believe in global warming, but not as warm as the Democrats claim”.

    A few years ago the San Diego City Council was questioning the Qualcomm Stadium deal woth the Chargers. The questions was – how many seats are in the Stadium. Apparently no one in the Council, or their staff, could count beyond their fingers and toes – because they had to hire an outside Consultant !!!!!

    I hope the R party can find good candidares this cycle, or they will blow all the “Hope and Change” the President O’Bama has inadvertantly given us.

  11. Right on Marie! It’s time thé people choose their own candidates; not the choice of the establishment good-ole-boys recycled, regurgitated candidates: D to R to D Spector, Dole, McCain ilk. Yes, we need candidates who have read, understand, believe in & will follow the Federalist Papers & the Constitution: the foundation of our Country. Glenn Beck interviewing Chuck DeVore (2/11/10) said he didn’t endorse, however he added, “You (DeVore) intrigue me because I’m looking for people who understand the Constitution.” YES! That would STOP 90% of the unconstitutional spending and earmarking. That would give the people back their freedoms (and right to their own money).

    Recall McClintock (2003) lost then, Chris Christie beat the very liberal Corzine, and Pat Toomey– who in ’04 lost against establishment pick Spector is leading Spector this year by double digits. What about Scott Brown? No one EXCEPT those who voted for him thought he could win– in MA of all places!

    George Will says Chuck DeVore is “thé most conservative candidate.” We have our own Scott Brown.

    Chuck DeVore, a choice not an echo.

  12. Great Article Marie and I agree 100%. I will never knowingly vote for or support a RINO. I like many made that mistake with Arnold because I believed at that time a Republican in office was very important. I felt McClintock couldn’t win. That not only was a mistake in thinking at that time, but it has proved over and over just how bad a RINO can be. There are plenty left in the GOP and many left right here in San Diego.

    We even have them in East County pretending to be Conservative and Christians just to get elected and yet lack the ability to make a decision without clearing it with someone else. We take back this Country and State one office at a time. Conservatives stay home and don’t vote when we don’t have a candidate. That’s how we got Obama.

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