If #AB5 Was Good Legislation, There Would Be No Need for Exemptions

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I believe that we own our own bodies and minds.  Individuals have a right to decide what to do with both and the products which spring from those actions (labor and entrepreneurship).  I believe that individuals have the right to enter into or reject voluntary, contractual agreements and, absent of the threat force, can set the price and terms of their work product.

Naturally, I am opposed to  #AB5 , Princess Lorena Gonzalez’ statist legislation outlawing the freedom to work and to set the terms of that work with other businesses.  What is telling about how immoral her legislation is the need for “exemptions”.  Generally speaking, if you hold a state-required, professional occupational license (I oppose them too), you are exempt.  If you don’t, well..you are screwed.

While I applaud Senator Brian Jones’ effort to minimize the damage which #AB5 is doing to people, his most recent proposed legislation (SB881) is unfair and epitomizes the term “rent-seeking”.  Essentially, Senator Jones is saying that musicians should be guaranteed the same economic freedom which lawyers and real estate agents have but which writers, ride share drivers, and medical translaters do not enjoy.

How do I know this is pandering to rent-seekers?  It says so, right at the bottom of his press release:

Jones authored SB 881 at the request of local San Diego musicians.

Senator Jones is better than this.  He is one of the best, conservative legislators in Sacramento and understands economic freedom better than almost everyone in that town.  I hope he withdraws the proposed legislation and re-introduces it as a full repeal of #AB5


UPDATE:  Senator Jones followed up his bill to exempt musicians from #AB5 with by a bill to exempt translators and interpreters.  This is pretty crafty, making Democratic legislators pick and choose the special interest groups to exempt.  If he is doing what I think he is doing, he will introduce a bill for everyone affected by #AB5 and expose this horrible law for what it it– an assault on the freedom to work.

Well played, Brian.  Well played.


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