I Told You I Didn’t Trust Him

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Scott Brown, along with two other Republican senators broke ranks and voted for that big turkey financial reform bill. Some 533 new regulations will now start to strangle what’s left of our financial institutions. But then, Chris Dodd says that (like the health care bill) we will not understand everything this new law accomplishes until it is enacted. I’ll just bet the unions are a little more excited than the banks.

In a previous article for SD Rostra, I expressed concern about Scott Brown. I did not trust him, and although I was certainly happy to see a Republican elected from Massachusetts of all places, my gratitude was only cautiously optimistic.

From my article of Jan 19, 2010:

Republicans are in near euphoria over the prospect of Scott Brown beating Martha Coakley in today’s special Massachusetts election for the senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy. I share their enthusiasm, but only cautiously so.

I watched this guy carefully in a Sean Hannity interview. Seldom did I hear a straight answer to any of Sean’s questions. Brown went out of his way to criticize the Democrats who take their marching orders from Obama. That sounded fine, but he then went on to say that he would take his marching orders from nobody.

Naturally, I can appreciate a man who thinks for himself with courageous independence. On the other hand, was that code for “Don’t expect me to cooperate with the Republicans too much. After all, I have those liberals and Independents to also impress.” ? In answer to Hannity’s primary concern, namely a promise to block the fast racing health care bill, Brown explained that we needed to “go back to the drawing board.” That can mean anything. The state senator from Massachusetts was not actually promising in so many words that he was against a health care bill, just this particular form of a health care bill. That is not much different than what many of the “moderate” Democrats were saying before they were bought off. I realize our country is set up to be governed by politicians. Nevertheless, how sad to think that at the end of the day, we may be sending nothing but another politician to Washington.

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