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I was tasked with purchasing four 40 watt light bulbs for the new floor lamp my lovely bride just knew (correctly) would make a huge improvement to our family room decor.

So off to Home Depot I go. There I found Compact Fluorescent bulbs with  the “soft white” equivalent light output of a 40 watt incandescent bulb, but only use 9 watts of electricity. Sounds good so far, but they’re not for use with a dimmer. And 4 bulbs cost $15.00. Ouch.

I also found four “soft white” incandescent 38 watt bulbs which of course use 38 watts of electricity and can be dimmed. 4 bulbs cost $0.99 No joke. $0.25 each.

How long would it take to earn back the additional $14 in saved electricity from the reduced electricity used by the more expensive, non-dimming, toxic-mercury containing light bulbs? Is this what people refer to as the “green economy”? 14 times the price for an inferior product just to save a few watts of juice?


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  1. Hmmm…I don’t know if you’re trying to make an argument here, but if you are I gotta add something.

    Comparing the less efficient but cheaper incandescent bulbs to the more efficient but expensive compact fluorescent bulbs is like comparing a 99-cent Jack in the Box cheeseburger to a $5.25 burger at Hodad’s. Sure, Jack’s is cheaper, but being all air and filler, it won’t sate the appetite like Hodad’s.

    To answer your question of how long it’ll take to make up the price difference? Appx 2 years. You’re right: They need to bring that price down. The dimmer switch thing is a bitch, though, so I don’t blame you for going for the less efficient variety.

  2. Hodad’s is good, but I prefer Burger Lounge. Either is better than Jack’s, however. All that said, I’d also prefer scarfing one in a clean, well lighted place, regardless of the cost of the bulbs.

  3. You know, I just asked around the office which was the best burger place and they said Hodad’s. I was going to say Crazee Burger, because that’s my local joint. I’ll have to check out Burger Lounge.

  4. Post

    Though the burger discussion is interesting, I must call BS.
    Light output is light output, but a burger can be a god given gift!
    I’m thinking of “In n Out” and / or “Tommy’s Original” with chili and cheese.
    Jeeze, can you tell it’s nearly dinner time?
    And by the way, there’s no way four 40 watt bulbs using 9 watts instead of 38 watts in a family room floor lamp could save $14 in two years! It’s more like 14 years.

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