I-5 debate rages on. Here’s a history lesson…

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It seems that back in 2004, many North County Mayors including Democrats Maggie Houlihan of Encinitas and Crystal Crawford of Del Mar  were very much in favor of getting the voters to adopt “Prop A,” the extension of the TransNet sales tax measure. In fact, they were so in favor of it they were among others who penned a North County Times editorial which said in part:

“…It’s important to note that the billions of TransNet dollars identified for highway and transit construction will be matched dollar for dollar with federal and state funding. Above the merge, Interstate 5 will be widened to 14 lanes…”

My goodness how times and some opinions may have changed…

North County politics can be much like the weather… If you don’t like it now, stick around a few minutes and watch it change!


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