Hunter trial postponement means he’ll be on the ballot

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We hope it’s not lost on anyone that the postponement of Congressman Duncan Hunter’s trial until next January virtually guarantees he’ll appear on the March 2020 primary election ballot. The filing deadline for the office is the end of this year.

A slew of announced candidates, wannabes, yet-to-bes, consultants, strategists and the like are presently working overtime weighing the resulting scenarios.

That list of scenarios is not longer than it was, it’s simply now more defined, as it no longer likely includes Hunter somehow being forced from office prior to the filing deadline.

The ramifications of any Republican facing off against Hunter in a red-meat district is fascinating, both in the primary and — yes — also potentially the general.


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  1. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical NOT to support Duncan Hunter now?

    After all, nothing has changed from the 2016 election. He is still under indictment, but still hasn’t been tried or convicted. Where is all the “innocent until proven guilty” stuff now?

  2. Hunter may be on the ballot until the Jury finds him guilty….what has he done for the district?? No press conferences, no town hall, nothing…..get out of office and resign……

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