Hunter Signs Amicus Briefs Supporting Arizona Immigration Law

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Washington DC – Congressman Hunter has signed two separate amicus briefs supporting Arizona’s immigration law.  One brief, written by the Washington Legal Foundation, opposes a lawsuit initiated by the American Civil Liberties Union.  The other brief, supported by the House Immigration Reform Caucus, opposes the Obama Administration’s lawsuit to block the implementation of the Arizona immigration law. 

“Arizona is moving closer to implementing its new immigration law, but trying to stand in its way are the ACLU and the Obama Administration, which assert that states have no legal recourse to protecting citizens from the dangers of illegal immigration,” said Congressman Hunter.  “After decades of opportunity, the federal government continues to ignore the reality that border communities face every day, leaving Arizona no other option.  It’s quite possible that other states may soon follow Arizona’s lead. 

“In actuality, Arizona is doing nothing more than enforcing the laws that the federal government refuses to enforce itself.  What’s ironic is that the Obama Administration is challenging Arizona’s law because it interferes with federal enforcement efforts, yet it has no plans to challenge sanctuary cities for their refusal to uphold federal immigration laws.  This lawsuit and disinterest in prosecuting sanctuary cities show that the Obama Administration – like previous Administrations — has no intention of doing what is necessary to secure the border and enforce the law.”


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