Hunter Calls on President Trump to Utilize Troops at the Border to Build the Border Wall

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Washington, DC —  Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) held a press conference at the U.S. border this afternoon to highlight his recommendation to President Trump to utilize existing military assets and resources to work on building the border wall.  Congressman Hunter issued a letter to President Trump, a copy of which is provided, outlining how troops sent to the border to augment border enforcement needs can simultaneously be utilized to build wall infrastructure that is critical to America’s national security.

“My recommendation is to direct United States Northern Command (USSNORTHCOM) to move the appropriate equipment and personnel to border bases to accomplish staging preparations for construction while, at the same time, mutually supporting active duty personnel stationed to defend our border,” wrote Congressman Hunter.

President Trump has recently indicated that he may authorize as many as 15,000 troops to be sent to the border to help with enforcement needs associated with the migrant caravan that continues to make its way to the U.S. from Central America.  If troops are sent, they can also be authorized to work on road construction associated with the border wall, an effort many of these units already participate in as training exercises at their home bases.

“As Commander in Chief, you are in a position to authorize these actions utilizing training funds without waiting for additional funding from Congress.”

Congressman Hunter’s letter to President Trump is available here.


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