Hunter Applauds President for Standing Firm on Commitment to Border Security

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Washington, DC — Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) today supported President Trump’s continuing position of requiring any spending bill passed by Congress to contain funds increasing our border security, particularly building the border wall.  Federal spending is currently authorized through December 21, new legislation will need to be passed by Congress to avoid a federal government shutdown.

“President Trump is doing exactly the right thing,” said Congressman Hunter.  “For far too long, legislative actions have not met political rhetoric, particularly on this subject.  President Trump is rightly insisting on adequate funding to help secure the border and build a wall to protect Americans.  This is a reasonable and necessary request considering the overall spending of the federal budget.  Democrats claim to support border enforcement, now is their opportunity to prove it.  If Congress does not provide a spending bill that supports the border by building the wall, the President should stand firm and veto it immediately and allow the government to shut down.”

Additionally, President Trump has indicated that he would support having the military to begin working on constructing the border wall if Congress does not provide the necessary spending.  Congressman Hunter advocated this approach earlier this year in a letter to the President, a copy of which can be viewed here: TRUMP.borderfence.110118.

“I again call on the President Trump to utilize the military to build the border wall,” said Congressman Hunter.  “It has performed this service before and can certainly do so again.  More importantly, this approach solves the immediate need of building the infrastructure necessary for an effective border wall while, at the same time, helping lay the groundwork for the future that will eventually provide the full border enforcement Americans expect and deserve.”

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  1. I keep hearing from Trump and other Republicans that they know of “middle east terrorists” that are in the caravan. Go ahead and build your stupid wall. They will come in thru Canada.No wall for Canada because it’s problematic to demonize white people which comprise of forty percent of our illegal population.

  2. “Middle East Terrorist”? Ammar Campa-Najjar. Hahaha. Just a little political joke for Christmas Paul.

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