Housekeeper-gate, who wins Whitman or illegal worker?

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The latest immigration media circus hails from California, the state with the largest number of illegal residents and it involves politics, housekeeping as well as recordkeeping. This week it was disclosed that Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, who “hired” a woman named Nicky Diaz-Santillan to be her housekeeper and nanny. However, Whitman decided to go through the process using an employment agency to cover her due diligence, in an effort to bypass the very media circus that has now unfolded during the waning days of a hotly-contested governor’s race.

According to Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE), the responsibility of ensuring that the person provided to Whitman was properly documented and legally eligible to work rests solely with the employment agency and not with the Whitman household.

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  1. “California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has found herself in the middle of a blame game as she continues to deny that she knew her former housekeeper was in the U.S. illegally.” Politico’s Andy Barr

    Shifting responsibility to the employment agency is negated at the point Whitman and husband received the IRS notification that there was something wrong with the housekeeper’s SSN back in 2003. The responsibility resides with the employer.

  2. None of which has anything to do with who is better suited to try turn the economy around in CA. Do you want Brown, who is a proven failure and will put the final nail in the coffin in CA or a business executive that has actually created jobs. I certainly am not a fan of Meg, but she would do a better job than Brown and that’s what is important. If the CA voters turn the election on this then they deserve everything that Brown will send there way on the road to total financial ruin for the State.

    I remember the disaster he created before.

  3. LA Times just endorsed Jerry Brown for governor. October 3, 2010
    “Jerry Brown for governor_To a state desperate for leadership, he brings the seen-it-all-before wisdom of a political veteran.”
    We’ve already tried the “business to politics” candidate before….with disastrous results.

  4. Oh well, I mean if a biased, liberal rag that is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy like the LA Times says Brown is good for the economy then who am I to argue that? It must be true.

  5. I’ll repeat:
    We’ve already tried the “business to politics” candidate before…with disastrous results.

    You like repeating history?

  6. Yeah, Brown wouldn’t be repeating history. LOL!!! Gwen, you come on to a conservative blog and think any of us are going to care what the LA Times thinks?

  7. Monday, October 04, 2010
    Brown Nabs Newspaper Gubernatorial Endorsements
    On Sunday, the Sacramento Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Attorney General Jerry Brown (D) for governor. The Bee argues that Brown “is the best-equipped candidate to work with legislators to reform the budget process and cut through partisan squabbles over water, education funding, pension reform and other issues.” Meanwhile, the Chronicle notes that former e-Bay CEO Meg Whitman, Brown’s GOP challenger, has a platform consisting of “platitudes and ideas that would be nonstarters … for even the most inspirational of leaders.” It concludes that Brown “gets our endorsement in an imperfect but critical choice between a politician Californians know too well and one they barely know.”
    “Endorsements: Jerry Brown Best Pick for Governor” (Sacramento Bee, 10/3).
    “Chronicle Recommends Jerry Brown for Governor” (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/3).

    Read more:

    In the governor’s race, a new Rasmussen poll, the first taken since the Diaz/Allred flap, shows Democrat Jerry Brown up five points against Republican Meg …

  8. “I’ll repeat:
    We’ve already tried the “business to politics” candidate before…with disastrous results.

    You like repeating history?”

    Maybe Gwendolyn is right, maybe we need to learn our lesson, and take it to heart here in San Diego by voting out everyone backed by the unions that are destroying our city, starting with Marti Emerald!

  9. Wondering aloud how much Brown owes the Unions about Now. I have been in CA since 1950. Who has been a worse Governor than Brown? Who was the last business person CA had as a Governor? We have had two actors one was great(Reagan), greatest Governor and President this Country has had in my lifetime. The other actor was ARNOLD. I am not sure what political party he is from based on how he governed. He claims to be a republican, but isn’t like any republican I know. Arnold should have stayed in the movies.

    We have created six jobs this month so far, none in CA. Nor will we create any jobs in CA under the current leadership. When the Bee, Chronicle and Times endorse someone, then I know who not to vote for. I won’t even read those liberal rags.

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