Greenhut: We love presidential edicts

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“Yes, it’s now obvious (wasn’t it always?) that both Republicans and Democrats love executive orders. They just differ over which ones they love and which ones upset them. By loving executive orders, it means they relish the idea of the supreme leader issuing edicts. That dispenses with the slow, annoying and oftentimes corrupt system of legislation, courts, separation of powers, etc. Your guy simply hands down laws from above. You applaud — or you scream. It’s the perfect system of government, provided a dictator you love always is in power, and you’re never on the receiving end of any of it and don’t need to rely on those fussy old checks and balances to protect your life or property. But other than that … (And, yes, I know that some executive orders are legal and others aren’t and the illegal ones are the real problem. But I’m referring here to the tendency of people to just love presidential edicts.)”


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  1. When the Spanish conquistador Cortes arrived in the new world with 600 men and 11 horses to conquer an entire continent, he ordered his crew to burn the boats. The idea, of course, was that as long as retreat was an option, the men would not be fully committed. Once the boats were burned, the only options were win at all costs, or die.

    President Trump is presently busy burning the boats. The option of the GOP to eventually pivot and compete for the votes of non-whites, women, and the educated is being reduced to so much ash on the beach.

    Without the option to pivot, the GOP will also be forced to win at all costs or die, politically speaking. Unfortunately, all of the demographic groups mentioned above are growing, and those making up the Trump electorate are shrinking as a proportion of the total voting population.

    So, when confronted with a choice between a small-d democratic death, and the elimination of democratic norms, will the troops be motivated enough to do the unthinkable things needed to win?

    It worked for Cortes, at the expense of the Mayans. It remains to be seen if it will work for Trump, at the expense of America.

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