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pangaphoto113At 05:30 am Monday morning there was a human trafficking incident involving a boat/ponga from Mexico in Encinitas.

The boat came ashore in Leucadia, a community of the City of Encinitas, near Beacons Beach.
Local Sheriffs, U.S.Border Patrol & Customs Agents were able to interdict & seize the boat and its passengers.

All 21 people onboard were arrested and taken into custody.

There were no lifejackets on any of the passengers, but the group did make it to the beach safely. There were no reported injuries and no fuel was spilled on the beach.

The country of origin for the individuals detained is unknown to me at this time, and I’m not certain who gets the nifty boat. This very dangerous method of illegally entering our country seems to be gaining in frequency, and I find it troubling on many levels.


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