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Reversing Their Decades Long Support of a Man With a History Of Aggressive Behavior

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego County Democratic Party convened for the second time in 7 days to determine whether they would call on Democrat Mayor Bob Filner to resign — after multiple allegations of sexual harassment and several accusers came forward in the past week.

Executive Director Francis Barraza said: “While we commend San Diego Democrats for finally asking Mayor Filner to resign, had they not looked the other way for decades, for crass political reasons, this entire tragic episode could have been avoided.”


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  1. Now we will see if Council members Emerald, Lightner and Cole will continue to insult the women of San Diego and Council President Gloria or if they will do the right thing and ask Filner to resign.

    And if they end up asking him to step down, what changed their previous position of “due process?”

    Regardless, the 3 supposed progressive women should hang their heads in shame. I am embarrassed for them.

  2. Democrat Scott Lay is giving The Strong Mayor Bob Filner about seven more days. He could be on to something.

  3. Post

    Lay said in the next seven days. So, if Filner were to resign anytime in the next week, he’d be right. Ok, we say in the next six months.

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