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Virginia “Ginger” Marshall filed papers with the Solana Beach City Clerk today for the November City Council election. Marshall has until Friday to submit a petition with 20 signatures of registered voters in Solana Beach to qualify for the November ballot.

Marshall has lived in Solana Beach for over 12 years and has resided on both the West side of 101 as well as the East side of I-5. She is a licensed REALTOR with Allison James Estates & Homes and has been selling California real estate since 2007. Prior to that, Ginger worked as a mortgage lending professional in La Jolla and Vail, CO.  While living in Colorado, Ginger served as Chairman of the Eagle County (CO) Down Payment Assistance Fund and was given an “Award for Housing Excellence” by The Eagle County, CO Commissioners in 2000.

Ginger is an active golfer and has been active in the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club Women’s Golf Association, she served as a committee co-chair for charity fundraising and rules committees, and is Co-Captain of the Ladybug League, competing in team golf all over Southern California. She was raised in La Jolla, graduated from La Jolla High School and holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. She is married to husband Jim Robyn.

“Solana Beach is a beautiful community of successful, responsible citizens,” Marshall said.  “I am passionate about local issues and want to focus on core functions of the City Government.  I believe that the responsible citizens of Solana Beach have become disillusioned with over-regulation by the Council.   Costly special elections should be avoided and issues resolved prior to spending tens and hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars on simple issues such as use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center.  I will be a Council member devoted to avoiding monetary waste and creating solutions to issues while considering all geographical areas of Solana Beach.”

The Republican Party of San Diego County will be considering endorsement of Ginger Marshall later this month.


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  1. Outstanding credentials! I think we should hire her on a commission only basis to SELL A HOUSE! Who are these MORONS who think first that being a Realtor has absolutely anything to do with public policy and then misrepresent themselves as “business persons” when you cannot even function as a Realtor without working under the direct supervision of the “business owner” or broker, under their direct supervision and then in conjunction they can BOTH SELL A HOUSE IN UNISON! For heaven’s sake, don’t make the political process even worse than it already is by encouraging these IDIOTS to run for political office lest by some stroke of bad luck they should become elected! GET REAL PEOPLE elect the EDUCATED leave the used car salesmen to sell cars and the Realtor to sell property!!!! NO MORE ON THE JOB TRAINING WE CANNOT AFFORD IT!

  2. We considered disallowing the above comment because of the name-calling and personal attack, but we realized it speaks for itself. Fascists believing that people from certain professions aren’t good enough to represent us.

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