FPPC tells Horn he can’t vote on Lilac Hills

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Fair Political Practices Commission Recommendation Regarding Lilac Hills Ranch Vote

by County Supervisor Bill Horn

Today I received a response from my request to the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding my Supervisorial vote as it relates to the Lilac Hills Ranch Project. They have concluded that I have a conflict of interest because “…the decisions will have a reasonably foreseeable material financial effect on my real property interest.”

I have lived in this community for 40 years. I have served Valley Center on the school board and as a Supervisor for almost 30 years. My property has been in an agricultural preserve since 1975 and that cannot be changed for 10 years at a minimum. I do not believe I have a conflict of interest and I do not think it is reasonable to guess the future more than a decade from now.

I think this decision is outrageous! My 620-thousand District 5 residents have been disenfranchised. They have voted me into office six times as their voice and silencing them is not democracy. This decision is a clear case of state overreach and a dangerous affront to our Constitution.  Under this precedent, every vote can be questioned and dismissed. I have often said the government that governs closest to the people governs best. With this decision, that will no longer be possible. I will abstain with great trepidation and grave concern over the chipping away at the foundation of what we as Americans believe.


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  1. From the Lilac Hills peeps…

    SAN DIEGO-The California Fair Political Practices Commission has ruled San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn has a conflict of interest with the Lilac Hills Ranch development in the Bonsall/Valley Center communities.

    Randy Goodson, CEO of Accretive Investments said, “We’re reviewing the opinion, which we just received, but we remain confident the Board will confirm the recommendations of the Planning Department and Planning Commission.”

  2. From Horn:

    Fair Political Practices Commission and State Overreach

    Based on advice I received yesterday from the Fair Political Practices Commission, I will remain a non-participant with regard to the Lilac Hills Ranch project.

    However, I am requesting a reconsideration of their decision and will also seek clarified guidelines as to when I can and cannot vote on land use items within my district.

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