Former Bell City Manager Arrested and School Tax Looks Like It’s Going To Get Crushed

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The first part of post this speaks for itself regarding the former Bell city manager Rizzo.  Here’s an article I posted a few weeks ago regarding Rizzo which I have no doubt was the driving force that compelled law enforcement to carry out this morning’s events…  Full Story On Bell City Manager Arrested Today

In other news, it looks like the San Diego Unified School Tax Increase is going to be crushed.

Poll Shows San Diego Unified’s Tax Increase Set to Be Crushed by Voters

Coalition’s Poll Shows District that Has Failed on So Many Levels Has Mountain to Climb to Pass Massive Tax Increase

September 21, 2010 – San Diego, CA – Concerned San Diego taxpayers and business owners have funded a poll in which voters were asked whether they would support or oppose the San Diego Unified School District’s “Emergency Teacher Retention and Classroom Education Measure” (Measure J) set to be voted on November 2nd. In order for the measure to pass 66% of voters need to cast a “yes” vote, and currently the measure has received only 40% support with only 25% of those voters “strongly” supporting it.

“What you find in this poll is an educated and rationale reaction from district voters who have watched this school board make wrong decision after wrong decision for the past two years following their union-financed ascendancy to power,” said Eric Christen, Executive Director of the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction and a member of the Free Enterprise Coalition. “From cutting programs popular with students and parents in order to avoid offending union bosses by cutting union positions, to passing a discriminatory and wasteful Project Labor Agreement (PLA) as yet another sop to big labor, this board has demonstrated their interests lay with union bosses, not students, parents, or taxpayers. Their breathtakingly out of touch request for even more tax money is set to meet the fate it deserves.”

The Free Enterprise Coalition (FEC), a broad coalition of taxpayers, parents, businesses, and various associations, oppose Measure J due to the lack of accountability contained within the measure. The coalition further believes that the union-backed majority of Shelia Jackson, Richard Barerra, and John Lee Evans must be replaced before any additional taxpayer dollars are given to SDUSD. FEC will be educating district voters about Measure J and SDUSD’s failures throughout the election.

For more information about the poll conducted by Competitive Edge Research please contact Alicia Pivirotto at

The Free Enterprise Coalition is comprised of the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction, Associated Builders and Contractors, the Western Electrical Contractors Association, Plumbing & Heating Contractors of California, and local taxpayers and individual businesses throughout California.



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  1. I hope their poll is correct. We have to stop enabling mismanagement.

    No on D and J.

    No more teachers or union organizers on the school board!

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