Fletcher Missing on “Prop A” Attack

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Brown signs bill to punish San Diego for Proposition A. Fletcher skipped vote.

UT San Diego reports that Governor Brown has signed Senate Bill 829, which would “deny state construction funds to cities that have bans on labor-friendly development contracts, potentially affecting three local municipalities.”

Source: http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2012/apr/26/brown-moves-to-protect-labor-friendly-contract/

“I’ve defined my career on solving problems” – Nathan Fletcher, 4/23/12

When SB 829 was voted on, Assemblyman Fletcher was recorded as “ABSENT, ABSTAINING, OR NOT VOTING.”

Solving problems means taking a stand on tough issues, not dodging them to appease the government employee unions backing your campaign.


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  1. I thought we already covered this:

    1. Fletcher was not the only San Diegan to miss this vote.

    2. Not voting has the same practical effect as voting against.

    3. Fletcher works in Sacramento but is campaigning in San Diego while DeMaio gets to work and campaign in the same city and yet, DeMaio has missed more votes.

  2. Alger: You’re missing the point. Fletcher has missed over 2/3rds of sessions this year and using Garrick as cover is crap. It’s been well substantiated that Garrick was out sick and Fletcher was just out campaigning.

    To point 3) if Fletcher doesn’t like it maybe he should resign.

  3. Elected officials campaigning for office miss votes. This is nothing new. How many votes has Ron Paul missed? How many did Michelle Bachman miss when she was still in the race? How about McCain in 2008?

    This is only news because you are peeved that Fletcher had the audacity to quit your little club. Get over it, work harder and get your candidate, who has actually missed more votes than Fletcher, elected.

  4. The Yes on A team is proud to count Nathan Fletcher, Carl DeMaio, and Bonnie Dumanis as endorsers of Prop A’s reforms which require the Mayor to put construction contracts on-line to help change the culture at City Hall and ensure that the contracting process is transparent and open. Citizen watchdogs and the press will be able to review the contracts and evaluate the City’s performance in promoting fair and open competition in city-funded construction.

  5. Alger, it is not that he missed it. It is what he missed. We all know why he missed it. Because he doesn’t want to make a stand. Positions can be criticized so why take one?

    People wouldn’t care as much if it were some stupid vote like legally requiring helmets to snow ski …wait, Fletcher didn’t miss that vote. He voted for it. And then Gov. Brown had to explain the definition of a nanny state to him in his veto of this law.

  6. Michael,

    Fletcher has repeatedly made it clear that he favors Prop A. If you can’t or won’t take yes for an answer, so be it.

  7. “Fletcher works in Sacramento but is campaigning in San Diego while DeMaio gets to work and campaign in the same city and yet, DeMaio has missed more votes.”

    One thing all the candidates have in common is that they are being paid out of our pockets to work. These are jobs they wanted, campaigned for, and now have. If they cannot perform the jobs we are paying them to do while they seek other jobs then they need to resign.

    Think private sector, if someone hired you to work at their company and then you started missing work so you could have interviews at other competitors…how would that go over?

  8. D7,

    I don’t disagree with you, but this is the way our political system works. If you want to change it, then pass an initiative that requires any elected official to resign from office the day he/she declares for a different office. Of course, this won’t solve the problem of incumbents campaigning when they should be doing the job we pay them before, but it would be a start.

  9. Yes, but Alger, he repeatedly told people he is a conservative Republican too. So when you change on a dime like he does and the reason for the change is to benefit your political career…people tend to not simply trust previous answers to important questions. He said he was a conservative Republican, but it benefits his campaign to say he is not. He said he is in favor of Prop A, but then he missed this crucial vote…so is that to benefit his political career? Or really what he believes? His actions leave a lot of doubt.

  10. Michael,

    “His actions leave a lot of doubt.” To you perhaps, but the polls and, more importantly, the response of the other candidates in the race say that his actions are resonating with the voters. If he was still languishing in last place barely reaching double digits in support, would we even be having this conversation?

    The fact is that all the other candidates know that if Fletcher gets into the general election, he wins, and he wins easily.

  11. Alger,

    What polls are you referring to? There has not been a credible poll (not a SurveyUSA poll) posted on this site in recent weeks indicating that Nathan has second place locked up. His disclosures indicate he has spent a lot of money on polling, but yet we’ve not seen any of his own polls. I for one would love to see some tracking showing just how far he has come along. Point is, we don’t know he’s NOT languishing in last place.

  12. Alger, I agree with you. He has duped a lot of people.
    And that happens. I never argue from a position of “it’s right because it is popular”. If I did then Fletcher’s behavior would be OK with me and historically I’d be in favor of things like slavery and disco. But I am not OK with any of those three.

    I’d still be having the conversation no matter where he was in the polls because it is the right conversation to have. Nathan has lied to me personally and has always appeared to me to be an opportunist only out for Nathan Fletcher dating back from the day I met him before his first election when he was running for the Assembly. I think it is important to question what a politician’s motivation is especially when you have a voting track record, political track record, and associations like his.

  13. Hugh,

    All campaigns do internal polling. The fact that they have all made Fletcher the object of their attack tells you all you need to know.

  14. Alger,

    Of course. I would imagine Nathan saw the same thing in his polls that others are seeing, thus the reason he’s been attacking Carl and Bob. Which leads this observer to believe he doesn’t have 2nd locked up.

  15. Hugh,

    I think your analysis is correct, but Fletcher has certainly positioned himself ahead of Dumanis as the threat to what most thought was an inevitable DeMaio-Filner run-off.

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