Fletcher for Mayor Releases New Television Ad, “Attacked By the Left and Right”

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The Fletcher for Mayor campaign today released a new television ad, “Attacked by the Left and Right.” The ad is the second in a series of ads that explains to voters the clear choice in this election: The far right has a candidate who thrives on playing political games and re-fighting old battles; the far left’s candidate is a career politician with tired ideas, beholden to the same old interest groups; or Nathan Fletcher a tested, trusted, independent voice who will work with all San Diegans to solve problems and move our city forward.


Attacked by the Left and Right


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  1. The truth is that the left has embraced Fletcher.

    And he is NOT beholden to the same old interest groups?

    Can anyone name just a few special interest groups that he is clearly beholden to?

    I can.

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