Fletcher Campaign First to Launch Television Advertisement

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The Fletcher for Mayor campaign today announced it will air the first television advertisement of the mayoral campaign beginning today. The ad, entitled “Independent,” is the first in a series of spots to introduce Nathan Fletcher and his plans to San Diegan voters.



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  1. Nathan’s commercial is all personality and no substance. He attacks straw men on the far-left and far-right and never mentions a single issue. Also, it is inconsistent with his own experience. As an example, Jessica’s law and Single Sales Factor law were passed without blockage by the far-left and the far-right while he was a Republican. He backs the pension reform, and fair and open competition initiatives on the City ballot, which came about by Republicans and not independents. So, by becoming an independent what issue is he trying to advance that was hindered by the supposed straw men on the far-left and far-right, and who on the City Council would he create a coalition to get issues achieved? Not one is an independent. Nathan implied by his departure from the Republican Party to Independent status that his positions, his platform and his principles are better than those of any party. Maybe he implied something else, but was too inarticulate to express it without attacking and disassociating himself from those he has worked with for fifteen years. Nathan’s lack of substance makes his outrage in this commercial appear phony, or worse that he has abandoned his previously held principles for his own self-serving advancement. Let’s hope Nathan’s gambit isn’t the last gasp of a dying campaign seeking to undermine the Republican candidate in exchange for a highly paid appointment to a State Board or Commission by the partisan Governor and State Legislative leaders.

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