FlashReport: The Romney CA Delegates

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Jon Fleischman at FlashReport has the list of the Romney RNC delegates from California…


The San Diego portion of the list…

Congressional District # 49 DELEGATES
Jonathan Bullan
Darrell Issa
David Jacinto

Congressional District # 50 DELEGATES
Mary “Lou” Aspell
Bruce Thompson
Mark Wyland

Congressional District # 51 DELEGATES
Briana Bilbray
Elizabeth Roach
Thomas Topuzes

Congressional District # 52 DELEGATES
Kelly Burt
James Davies
Bruce Tabb

Congressional District # 53 DELEGATES
Betty Boney
John McCann
Jamie Waters


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  1. These are the people who will draft and vote on the National Republican Party Platform:

    How many have you seen at tea party demonstrations?
    How many are holding Election Integrity Training Campaigns?
    How many are involved with iCaucus?
    How many solicited signatures for Prop 8 or Comprehensive Pension Reform?
    How many have organized visits to Congressional offices, to talk about the debt limit vote?
    How many paid political consultants are on this list?
    How many support Munger’s tax and spend initiative ?

    Do these people share your views?

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