Five Republican caucus chairs, Bates, Garrick, Wyland weigh in for Anderson

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A number of leaders communicate support for Joel Anderson, as Monday night’s San Diego Republican Party endorsement vote for the Second County Supervisorial District heats up:

From: John Buell, Chair 76th Caucus 

Re: Caucus Chairs for Anderson 

I’m writing to you today on behalf of myself and my friends, Dustin Trotter (71st Caucus Chair), Lee De Meo (75th Caucus Chair), Dan Holstein (78th Caucus Chair) and Craig Candelore (80th Caucus Chair) urging you to join us in supporting Senator Joel Anderson for County Supervisor.

Our County is at a crossroads and Joel is the fighter that we need to push back on Nathan Fletcher. We need someone with a track record of supporting our party and who has never wavered in his support for local Republicans. We are supporting Joel because he is a proven team player with the courage to stand for our values.

Joel has earned our support. Please join us in helping him like he has helped our party.


John Buell, Caucus Chair 76th District 

Dustin Trotter, Caucus Chair 71st District 

Lee De Meo, Caucus Chair 75th District 

Dan Holstein, Caucus Chair 78th District 

Craig Candelore, Caucus Chair 80th District


Re: Experience Matters

We are writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Senator Joel Anderson (ret.) for 2nd District San Diego County Supervisor.  Our endorsement and support is especially important at this critical juncture for our party, when we need a fighter for our values and policies, one who has a history of real accomplishments.

As former leaders of our party, and former Senate and Assembly Leaders, we have seen firsthand Joel’s ability.  From disinvestment of state pension funds in Iran to ensuring in-state tuition for veterans, Senator Anderson was able to accomplish seemingly impossible political goals, to overcome the opposition of the majority left-wing Democrats.  Joel used his intelligence, skill, and determination to assemble strong grass roots support combined with fierce, unrelenting legislative action to create the type of Republican legislation that is normally impossible in our state legislature.  Anderson’s accomplishment for veterans was recognized with numerous legislator of the year awards.

At a time when there are few elected Republicans with this experience and skill, we need Joel Anderson’s leadership on our board of Supervisors.  We strongly encourage you to join is in support of former Senator Joel Anderson for Supervisor.


Senator Pat Bates, former Senate Republican Leader

Honorable Martin Garrick, former Republican Assembly Leader

Senator Mark Wyland (ret.), former Chair of Senate Veterans Committee


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