Do You Fit In With “Trump’s” America ?

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Take this little test and give yourself a point for each positive answer:

1- have a family member who belongs to a private-sector labor union (add a point if you have an active, private-sector union membership card)
2- work (or worked) in a job where your muscles ached at the end of the day
3- played on a softball team which was sponsored by a bar
4- attended a high school football game in the past two years
5- own a gun (add a point if you have fired it within the past 30 days)
6- have been to Church or house of worship in the past 30 days
7- belong to a civic organization which meets at least once a month (Rotary, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus)
8- have a close friend or family member who has deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan
9- have served in the military
10- have been to a potluck dinner or pancake breakfast within the past six months
11- grew up with someone who became a priest, pastor, or rabbi
12- have ever punched a time card at a job you’ve held
13- have ridden public transportation TWICE  in the past year
14- know what a “dualie” is (add a point if you have one)
15- have purchased mass market, canned, domestic beer from a grocery store in the past year (add a point if it’s in your refrigerator now)
16- live in a house with a functioning “shop” for your use
17- have changed your own motor oil
18- have ordered pizza delivery in the past 6 months
19-  have bought a lottery ticket in the past six months
20- have never been to a country other than the US, Mexico, or Canada

If you scored higher than 15, you probably voted for Donald Trump and decided to do so because everyone at work or church was voting for him.  If you scored 11-15, you may or may not may not have voted for Trump but understand why he won.  If you scored 7-10, you probably didn’t vote for Trump and are wondering how he won.  If you scored 3-6, you are irritated that Clinton lost.  if you scored less than 3, you probably demonstrated against Trump in the past week.



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  1. Brian,

    I think that is probably an accurate test with one notable exception: Even though he undoubtedly would have scored less than 3, President Trump wasn’t out protesting against himself last week.

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