Faulconer’s first TV ad… “Sanders: Getting Things Done.”

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“I worked closely with Kevin Faulconer to reform the city’s pension system — saving a billion dollars that can now be put back into our neighborhoods,” Jerry Sanders says to the camera.” Kevin is running to finish the job. His Neighborhood Fairness Plan uses savings to repave, increase police patrols and keep after school programs open longer. Best, Kevin’s plan starts in communities that have been neglected too long. I worked with Kevin Faulconer for seven years.  Kevin Faulconer knows there’s no Democrat or Republican way to fill a pothole, he’s about getting things done.”


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  1. Nothing personal against any candidate, but the greatest invention in the past decade has to be the DVR. I haven’t seen a political ad in years.

  2. Good timing. Early voting started today.

    Just cast my ballot at the Registrar’s office for Faulconer. There were just a few folks being verified to vote – so no lines to take up your day. Very easy process if you skip the voting machine and ask for the paper ballot. Registrar had some issues this morning with the machines that may be fixed by now. Overall, very easy and didn’t take any time.

  3. Good solid ad, but interesting how he doesn’t stress being a solid Republican. Even in his mailer to strictly Republicans, he plays up his bipartisan credentials.

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