Faulconer Campaign Raises $640,000 in First 23 Days

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Press Release

More than 1,300 individual donors support Mayor’s reelect

(San Diego, Calif.) – The Faulconer for Mayor Campaign raised over $640,000 from more than 1,300 individual donors for the first reporting period, which began June 7, 2015, and ended June 30th.

“Over the last fifteen months, we’ve worked to bring San Diegans together in support of a positive vision for our city and I think the outpouring of support demonstrates that we are on the right track,” said Faulconer. “While many are focused on next year’s election, I will continue to focus on fixing our roads and infrastructure, creating more opportunities for better paying jobs, and addressing the challenges that face our future.”

Mayor Faulconer is up for reelection on June 7, 2016. An unaffiliated committee established to support Faulconer’s reelection, Communities United for Tomorrow’s Economy, announced last week that they raised $600,000.

Faulconer’s campaign raised 95% of contributions from San Diego County residents.


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