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Vice Mayor Jones Receives Dr. and Mrs. Tim LaHaye’s Endorsement for Assembly Race

The LaHaye’s join growing number of Pastors/Faith leaders rallying to Jones.

SANTEE – Dr. Tim LaHaye (President of LaHaye Ministries), and Mrs. Beverly LaHaye (Chairman, Concerned Women for America) have recently announced their endorsement of Brian Jones for California State Assembly District 77.

The LaHay’s announced their endorsement of Jones with the following statement, “We are glad to announce our support for Brian Jones for the 77th State Assembly District. We knew Brian when he was at Sonrise Community Church, and his work with Primary Focus/Living Proof, but it wasn’t until recently when we personally interviewed him that we were convinced he is the man for the job! Brian has proven through his work on the Santee City Council that we can trust him to do the right thing in Sacramento. He is a fiscal conservative wanting to control spending and the size of government, and most important to us, he has proven that he will fight for traditional families and the unborn. Brian worked hard to promote Prop 8 and Prop 4 (Sarah’s Law) in 2008. We trust Brian to represent us in Sacramento.”

“I am very pleased to receive Dr. and Mrs. LaHaye’s endorsement.  They are national leaders in the conservative movement.  I am honored they recognize my experience and proven track record of promoting conservative values and protecting traditional families.” Jones said.

The LaHaye’s join a growing list of Pastors and Faith leaders endorsing Jones including:

Pastor Dave Bray
Global Outreach International
Pastor Doug Bray
Sonrise Community Church
Pastor Harold Brown
East County Transitional Living Center
Pastor Jay Calisher
Calvary Chapel Santee
Mike Carlisle
Executive Director, Vision San Diego
Pastor Chris Chadwick
Canyon Ridge Baptist Church
Mike Daly
Executive VP, Living Proof and Primary Focus
Pastor Tony C. Foglio
Sonrise Community Church
Pastor Brian Hendry
Zion Christian Fellowship
Pastor Phil Herrington
Pathways Community church
Beverly LaHaye
Chairman, Concerned Women for America
Dr. Tim LaHaye
President, Tim LaHaye Ministries
Pastor Chris Leeper
Grace Fellowship Church
Messianic Rabbi Joel Liberman
Tree of Life Messianic Jewish Congregation
Pastor Tommy Miller
Word of Life Worship Center
Pastor Ron Nadzam
Sonrise Community Church
George Runyan
Director, City Church Ministries
Dr. A.B. Vines
New Seasons Church

For a full list of endorsements please see:



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  1. I doubt if La Haye interviewed any of the other candidates in the race to see where there values are. He didn’t talk to Rubin. This is a very unprofessional way to give endorsements and diminishes La Haye’s credibility. He is better than this. Rubin is a Catholic and doesn’t fit the Evangelical mold. I would hope this isn’t a factor here as religious bigotry has no place in the fight for our country.

  2. The whiners start up again. All these years in politics and Gary hasn’t figured out its about relationships; about who people know and trust. If Tim La Haye knows and has worked with Brian Jones, why would he need to contact the other candidates? He knows Brian and sometimes knowledge of someone is enough to say yes, I support you, which has little to do with whether the other candidates may do a good job. He doesn’t know them, but trusts Brian! This is no less professional than silly whining, and La Haye has way more credibility than someone who can”t even figure out how relationships work. You are not serving to help Christine, but only making it look like she is putting you up to cry foul about pettiness.

  3. It is becoming a sad time in America when churches determine the fitness of judges. If that is the case move to Iran, their religious leaders appoint judges, it called an oligarchy. Secondly, when a church becomes political rather than religious, it could loose it’s tax exempt status. I want a judge on the bench who will apply the law fair and impartially to everyone who appears before him/her. If A judge disagrees whith my religious beliefs he may find me guilty and ognore the law or evideance before the court. This is a slipery slope, it has the shades of Hitler behind it. Our U.S. Supreme Court now allows corporations with unlimited funds to support canidates for office. All the “Consrevitave Judges voted for this change”! They are saying the political process is for sale and they ccan elect or fire any politican as they see fit!

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