“Educator for Senate” Marty Block voted against protecting children from classroom predators?

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Assemblyman Marty Block today voted against a reform that would allow school boards to expedite the process of firing a teacher who commits a criminal act against a student.

Republican Assemblyman Steve Knight presented amendments to Senate Bill 1458, legislation related to school accountability, to incorporate the language of Senate Bill 1530, authored by Democratic State Senator Alex Padilla. The Padilla bill is bipartisan legislation that would expedite the process of dismissing teachers in cases involving sex abuse, drugs, or violence against children. Marty Block and Assembly Democrats voted to block the reform.

Block and Assembly Democrats folded under pressure from the California Teachers’ union, which opposed the reform, despite strong support from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the LA Unified School District.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s national broadcast highlighted this measure’s failure to pass the Legislature due to union opposition.

How can Marty Block call himself an Educator for Senate, when he doesn’t vote to protect children from classroom predators?


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  1. I couldn’t believe he voted No when I saw it. Maybe he doesn’t really believe he’s in a tough race. Maybe he thinks California Republicans are weak and won’t attack him on it. Can’t blame him for thinking that if it’s the case, they have shown how weak they are so often.

    We can’t let him get away this this. This, along with his lying about not raising taxes should be the main attack ads against him. I hope the Plescia campaign is getting the attack ads about this ready for campaign season.

  2. This is a perfect example of how our state is controlled by CTA. To protect sexual predators at the expense of innocent children should be punishable by law.

    As a parent, if I were to do something to a teacher who sexually abused my child, I would go to jail, so how do we protect them?

  3. I could write the hit piece on this one – why don’t voter’s see this? Are they that un-engaged? I always say STUPID voters (since you can find all of the information you need in 2 min on the net or 10 min in a newspaper), but more ‘enlightened’ people than myself call them ‘uninformed’. Well, if Block wins with his like in this county, stick a fork in conservatives, we are done in CA. 🙁

  4. I don’t think Block winning means conservatives are dead in California. It’s not like this is a North County district.

    In terms of voters knowing all the issues and votes, it’s not necessarily their fault. If it’s not covered by the media, how are they suppose to learn about issues like this? The majority of truly undecided voters do not go to sites like SDRostra and have no knowledge of things like this. Republicans and conservatives always complain about the media being biased against them (which is true), but they do not inform the average voter of things that are not covered by the media.

    I will give credit to Democrats. They find issues that are to their advantage, and they attack Republican candidates on it, framing and shaping the election. This is something we need to do, and have shown we’re able to do, just look at Shirley in 2002 and even John McCann in 2008, who gave Block all he could handle in the worst election year for our party, arguably ever.

    This needs to be one of the issues Plescia hits and hammers Marty over.

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