Earliest Race Returns Show Rider In Front

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While San Diego’s voters won’t be casting ballots for months to come, there’s still plenty of competition among current and aspiring officeholders.  In a head to head battle at the Scripps Ranch Four Mile Run last Sunday, December 12, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and would-be officeholder Steve Rider both finished in the top three of the 30 – 34 old mens’ division. In this race, Rider placed first with Fletcher coming in third.

San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio also ran the race and put in a respectable time.  You can view all the results here.

Is it an early prediction of things to come? Joking aside, Steve Rider is someone to watch in San Diego politics. Much will depend on who runs in the 2012 San Diego Mayor’s race and how statewide redistricting plays out, but Rider is exploring his options and I’m told has significant seed money at his disposal.

Although Rider is a registered Republican, we can also hope he’s inherited some Libertarian analytical acumen and the Rider sense of humor from his dad, Rostra contributor and longtime tax fighting activist Richard Rider.

Steve Rider goes on my Wonks to Watch List for 2011.


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    Jim, I concur and it was meant more as a slap against our local so-called political “dynasties” rather than any negative comparison with the Pauls, neither of whom have disgraced themselves like the folks I mentioned above. Think the Huesos will make it onto my Rostra Naughty or Nice list this year?

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