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Recent media making something out of nothing but just so we’re clear….I am 100% running for reelection and with continued support from those in my district and the full endorsement of the Republican Party of San Diego County.  I have run every race with full effort because my constituents deserve no less and this time is no different.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve the people of the 50th Congressional District, my values reflect their values, and there remains much work to do.


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  1. “And let’s face it, I’m not really qualified to do anything else—I mean, where else can I do very little but vape, drink a lot, and eat at expensive restaurants just for rubber-stamping press releases written by defense contractors. And seriously, who would pay for our private school, video games, and shopping trips? Do any of you even know how much that stuff can cost?” added Congressman Hunter.

    As much as I disagree with Issa as my rep, he would be a huge upgrade over Hunter.

  2. Good for you, Duncan.
    Maybe Nathan Fletcher can change parties to Peace and Freedom, and throw his name in the hat. Or Francine Busby. Regardless of any current allegations, Duncan still has local support.

  3. Yes, that is correct — changing someone’s name to make fun of them is no different than name-calling. It doesn’t matter which party. We don’t allow it and will edit to the correct name as we see fit.

  4. What a crock. Duncan has worked hard for his district and people as a whole. He has driven border security and been out front of many issues. I know personally that he gets involved and meets with constituents and companies in his district on a regular basis. All this crap is just that crap. Duncan has our best interests and I will support him.

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