“Dollar for Dollar” Proposes Match of Cuts and Sales Tax Dollars

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Save a dollar, get a dollar. It’s a refreshingly simple approach to solving the City of San Diego’s budget problems proffered this morning by San Diego County Taxpayers Association President & CEO Lani Lutar.

Lutar delivered this memo to Mayor Jerry Sanders and member of the San Diego City Council this morning. So far, Councilmember Carl DeMaio has reacted favorably to the proposal, posting the memo on his Twitter feed (@carldemaio).

When I read something this sensible and fair, my cynical mind thinks, “OK, what’s the catch?” The only catch is that everyone needs to come to their senses, play fair, and try to uphold their end of the deal.

Can it be done? As a taxpayer, would you be willing to reward elected officials for making cuts with the carrot of a few tax dollars? Or should our reps be making these cuts simply because that’s the job we elected them to do in the first place? Your thoughts?


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  1. At first glance this appears to be a very reasonable and achievable proposal (although it is hard to imagine Carl DeMaio or Lani Lutar actually supporting anything with a tax increase attached to it). Unfortunately, the “achievability” falls apart when you realize that in Ms. Lutar’s proposal, the savings must be weighed against future budgets that only consider the cost of healthcare retiree benefits in FY 11 and not the future projected costs of these benefits. If the proposal considered what the real future costs would be without reform, cutting $100 million off of those costs would be possible. This would truly be sensible and fair but I don’t think that was Ms. Lutar’s intent.

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