Does SD Demo Chairman publicize a Twitter impersonator – an activity he previously called “creepy”?

Jim Sills Jim Sills


Two months after knocking Republicans for using Twitter names of liberal activists, San Diego Democratic Chair Jess Durfee appears to be furthering a  similar enterprise.  As shown above, the Twitter page of ‘ChairJessDurfee’ is publicizing a “Real PapaDoug” Twitter identity aimed at Union-Tribune publisher Douglas Manchester.  (That identity sends out  repellent fake messages, as detailed below.)  In the make-believe Twitter world it can be hard to tell who is really who, but the Twitter address for “ChairJessDurfee” appears be that of the SD Democratic Party chair.

Back on Oct. 12, Mr. Durfee condemned the county GOP  on a related note.  The U-T quoted him saying “‘Childish and unethical conduct online is nothing new, but I am disappointed to see that my Republican counterpart and his party may have been behind it. The idea of Tony Krvaric posting as @JessDurfee is just creepy.” .

So it’s a surprise, just two months later, to see Mr. Durfee apparently publicize someone posing as a Doug Manchester identity.  That is especially the case when the fake identity falsely ascribes repulsive ideas to Mr. Manchester.  Many people would consider that kind of thing to be decidedly ‘creepy’ !


The “PapaDoug” account has sent about 30 tweets, most lame tries  to make Manchester (an SDSU grad who’s endowed scholarships and buildings at both USD and SDSU) sound foolish.  Two of the tweets, however,  Cross the Line by portraying Manchester as an anti-Semite,  a distinctly unfunny  and false slur,   while a third  implies  racism.

An example of the lamer fake Manchester tweets:  “Had nightmare that I was attacked by a…serpent with faces of  Harvey Firestein and Obama.”   And a mock biography  reading,    “Hotelier, Newspaperman, embarrassing San Diego since 1974.”      Yuck-Yuck-Yuck.     The site contains a  token disclaimer    ‘This is a Parody account.   This isn’t the real Doug Manchester.”    Uh huh… doubtless so that’s why it is titled  “Real_PapaDoug” !    Very convincing explanation there.   The identity of this ‘author’ is not disclosed.    Surprise.


Two months ago the U-T editorial page did an editorial Hippopotamus walk on Republicans titled, “The GOP chairman’s Twitter trickery”,  a compendium of   Tut-tutting,  Beard-stroking  and hand-wringing.  That was during the previous UT ownership.   So will those same U-T editorial writers speak out  now about the “Real_PapaDoug” twitter identity,  and its apparent publicizing by Democratic chair Jess Durfee?  Or  will their Political Correctness trump both (A) Fairness and (B) a completely legitimate defense of  their own publisher?

Stay tuned.   This is going to be interesting to watch.


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