Deputy Sheriffs Association Skewers Dave Myers in La Mesa

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Politcs can be addicting.  Candidates can get caught up in the adulation of supporters when running for high-profile offices.  I noticed this in Dave Myers’ campaign for Sheriff.

Myers earned a lot of support from conservatives in this county (specifically, the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC).  Many SDCGO members donated money, time, or reputation to his campaign to unseat the incumbent Republican Sheriff, Bill Gore.  Myers didn’t make it easy for conservatives to support him.  His public statements, slamming the President, made it difficult for many of us to say “I know he sounds like a radical left-wing wacko but we met him and, in person, he’s a good guy.  He’s good on the Second Amendment so we back him”.  Like many first time candidates, Myers tried to please the party activists and didn’t build a winning coalition of voters.  Thus, he lost.

Simply put, Myers fooled a lot of conservatives in the County (like me) and preyed upon our displeasure with Gore’s concealed carry weapons permitting policy.  Ultimately, our gambit (supporting Myers) worked; Gore met with us and updated his CCW policy to better reflect the spirit and letter of the Second Amendment

The Deputy Sheriffs Association came out against Dave Myers when he ran for Sheriff.  This put conservatives like me in an awkward spot.  While the DSA is never “perfect”, I find myself in agreement with them more often than not.  I soeculated that the DSA was just handicapping the race but my gut told me that the DSA was right.  Something about Myers just didn’t add up.

Myers must have been addicted to campaigning because, just two months after his failed bid for Sheriff, he filed to run for La Mesa City Council.  Myers’ campaign for La Mesa Council has been a stream of spontaneous attacks on Baber and McWhirter.  Myers is playing the “I hate the President” card in this campaign like he did in his Sheriff campaign.  I know Baber and McWhirter.  I have watched both of them govern as center-right City Council members– they are thoughtful. reasonable, and always act like the adults in the room.

Myers’ La Mesa City Council campaign looks like another radical left-wing tantrum.  The DSA agrees with me, so much that they came out AGAINST Myers again:

Myers repeatedly made false and misleading claims and accusations about morale within the Sheriff’s Department, the integrity of his colleagues, and the department’s attrition rates.

His behavior and willingness to mislead voters are unbefitting of elected office and a disservice to the public.

That’s devastating.

Don’t reward bad behavior– don’t vote for Dave Myers


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  1. I left that race “blank” on the ballot. I agree with you on Myers but his stance on issues outside the 2nd Amendment kept me from giving me his vote. As far as Gore, I can’t tolerate anyone who would take my civil right away and he was with his original stance.

    That said, I’ve been told and read but never studied but do believe many gun owners are one issue voters and I believe that’s one reason Myers gains so much conservative support. Now Myers is running as a regular old politician with no ties to being able to rally gun owners when it comes to his current run and I hope he fails.

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