Deputy Sheriffs Assocation Denounces DeMaio’s Bid for Congress

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Which is the most effective endorsement in East County?

If you said “The Republican Party of San Diego County,” you’d be wrong; it has a net favorable rating of just 3.6 percent. The Deputy Sheriffs Assocation, with a net favorable rating of 30.8 percent, is the most effective endorsement in East County and it declared war on Carl DeMaio’s bid for Congress. DSA President David Leonhardi released a letter to the media, denouncing DeMaio’s campaign and highlighting three points:

1- It wasn’t a “partisan decision” — The DSA endorses mostly Republican candidates for office.
2- DeMaio’s survey suggests that only 3.5 percent of voters actually choose DeMaio.
3- The DSA-PAC is the most trusted source of political information in East County.

Retired Navy Seal Larry Wilske was the first Republican candidate to announce for the 50th. He remarked that the DSA is popular because its members interact with the District’s voters on a daily basis. “Geographically, most of the District is served by the Sheriff’s Department. In Alpine, Ramona, Julian, Santee, Valley Center, Fallbrook, and out where I live, Descanso/PineValley, voters see a Deputy Sheriff every single day. The deputies are our neighbors. We see them at Church, we see them at the grocery store, we see them at coffee shops.”

Wilske said that reaffirms his belief that DeMaio is a poor fit for the District. After Congressman Darrell Issa announced his campaign to represent the 50th Congressional District, Wilske and three other Republicans in the race dropped out and endorsed Issa. The Deputy Sheriffs Association has endorsed both Brian Jones and Darrell Issa in the past (for different offices).

The Deputy Sheriffs Association didn’t endorse anybody for the 50th Congressional District in 2018. Neither did the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce (ranked third in credibility in  the linked poll). The Republican Party of San Diego County endorsed incumbent Duncan Hunter in 2018 and plans to vote on an endorsement for 2020 in early October.

Read the entire letter from the Deputy Sheriffs Assocation at


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  1. Prediction: DeMaio will write this off as just another Union mad at him for trying to rein in public pensions.

  2. Umm…recycling an old letter from 8 weeks ago? Brian Brady has a very embarrassing and unhealthy fixation on Carl DeMaio.

  3. What is the Deputy Sheriffs Association’s position on Conceal Carry in San Diego County? Once again, California/Sheriff Gore are shown to be out of step with the rest of the country.

    If the Deputy Sheriffs Association would like the voters of San Diego County to give due consideration to its endorsements/lack of endorsements, then making the Sheriff aware that he is failing to truly safeguard the residents with his virtual prohibition on Conceal Carry in the County is what we expect of the deputies. I, and other law-abiding residents, will be unable to support politicians who are of the same mind, including any the deputies may support.

    I know Brian Jones and Joel Anderson fully support our Second Amendment rights. Does the Deputy Sheriffs Association?

  4. Lou Russo, your comment is based on long-outdated information. I own AO Sword Firearms in El Cajon, and as one of the only sheriff’s authorized CCW Certification Instructors for SD County, I can tell you that Sheriff Gore generally issues CCW permits to any law-abiding citizen who can reasonably articulate their need for a CCW permit. I know, because I train and certify them. My classes are so full that I have to arbitrarily limit their size to ensure high quality instruction – literally turning away business.

    While Gore’s issue policy does not rise to the Constitutional Carry that I believe is called for by the 2nd Amendment, it is one of the most permissive policies in the oppressive state of California. Your Sheriff’s CCW policies promote public safety and uphold the inalienable right to life of San Diego residents. Mr Russo, please rethink your entire position on CCW, Gore, and the DSA. Come into the shop and learn, or contact the San Diego Gun Owners Association for more information.

  5. Mr. Chong. I am a retired USMC Officer/aviator. My last assignment before retirement was as the Provost Marshal (Military Chief of Police) at MCAS Yuma. Every year of my 20 years of service I qualified as a pistol expert (highest possible USMC rating). My application (along with my money) for a CCW is sitting with literally thousands of others in a stack at the SDSO main office. Your statement “I can tell you that Sheriff Gore generally issues CCW permits to any law-abiding citizen who can reasonably articulate their need for a CCW permit…” is, in and of itself, the crux of the problem. As you can see from the link I provided in my prior comment, the United States is moving more and more towards “shall issue”. In other words, unless the issuing authority can articulate a valid reason to NOT give someone a CCW then he/she MUST give it to the person. (BTW, shall issue and constitutional carry are NOT the same. Constitutional carry means one does not need to ask anyone….such as in AZ…and I’ve seen no big gunfights in the streets of AZ towns.) In San Diego County, a person has to go beg the Sheriff, based upon nebulous, subjective standards if they may “pretty please” exercise their rights. (Has an indicted jeweler/Sheriff Capt. had theirs pulled?) Can you imagine doing that before writing an article or joining a religion or any other right in the Bill of Rights? Here’s something you may want to peruse: I am currently a U.S. Government contractor. A number of years ago I worked a contract in Tampa and got a FL CCW license (by mail…without an interview or begging). When I returned to a contract here, I had my weapon on me and every single state I drove through on the way back, e.g. AL, MS, LA, TX, NM, AZ recognized my FL CCW license. Just outside Yuma, I pulled over, unloaded my weapon, and locked it in a hard case…BECAUSE MY OWN STATE/COUNTY DIDN’T TRUST ME! No, Mr. Chong, I will not “rethink” my position on CCW, Gore, DSA because they are flat out wrong. I’ve “thought” about it enough. I’m an old guy and remember the Jim Crow laws in the south and many other positions held by states/local governments throughout the years that were wrong. We wouldn’t put up with our driver’s license not being valid in other state or our marriage license let alone having another of our rights given on a “pretty please” basis. The current situation in San Diego County is even MORE abusive when one realizes that just living in another county in the state of CA which does “shall issue” (many up north, etc.), that CCW is VALID in San Diego County. Are you kidding me? Once last thing, Mr. Chong. There’s a saying, “No answer IS an answer, a very strong one.” DSA hasn’t answered so the people of San Diego County know where they stand. As I said, Joel Anderson and Brian Jones fully support the Second Amendment and they have my votes and my family’s…and many others in the East County.

  6. “Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in possession and under our direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?” -Patrick Henry

    I sent this to the Chief of the 9th Circuit when they were considering Peruta. Of course, I did NOT get a reply.

  7. Lots of words from you, Lou! While you were banging away at your keyboard and railing against The Man, I was busy helping to train the 3,300 new San Diego CCW holders who were approved in the past three months alone.

    I haven’t seen you at any of the NRA functions, CA gun law seminars, or San Diego County Gun Owners Association events. Try getting involved someday – we’re actually making a difference. We are advancing the flag in the real world and equipping responsible citizens with the tools to preserve their lives. How many CCWs have you facilitated in the past year from your keyboard foxhole, Lou?

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