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Note: Just after the below was posted, DeMaio went up with his own Rostra post on the subject. Read it here.


Carl DeMaio is weighing in on Twitter this morning about tonight’s Republican Central Committee consideration of an endorsement in next year’s District 2 County Supervisor election, which is shaping up to be a possible matchup between longtime Supervisor Dianne Jacob and Senator Joel Anderson. A series of tweets from DeMaio…

Looking forward to the results of the SDGOP vote tonight on the SD County Supervisor race.

I’m astounded that some in the “establishment” are shocked when the elected central committee members have a different view than them.

I don’t always agree with all their views, but central committee members are elected by voters in their party.

In 2012, I met with every central committee member and asked for their support. I built relationships with them and found common ground.

In 2012 and 2014, my opponents did not take this approach. In both cases it would have been quite possible to block an endorsement.

My opponents virtually ignored the central committee – until it was way too late. Then they cried fowl, invented conspiracies, etc.

Dianne Jacob has ignored the central committee. Her last-minute mass email on Saturday is the first time most members have heard from her.

I give her credit – at least her email was in her own name, rather than in the name of a phony pastor who spewed homophobia on behalf of NF.

So note to local reporters: before you write about the central committee vote, do your homework. The story is a simple one of neglect.


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  1. DeMaio makes a good point. Like Carl, I’m puzzled by the Republican hostility to people who suggest another solid GOP officer holder — Joel Anderson in this case — would be a better choice than Dianne Jacob for County Supervisor. What’s the problem with having a GOP challenger to a GOP incumbent in a district where CLEARLY it will represented by a Republican, regardless of outcome?

    After all, Anderson is no “Nathan Fletcher” (let alone Scott Peters) alternative to Jacob. And no one is talking about NOT voting for Jacob, should she best Anderson in the primary (and assuming a progressive is Jacob’s opponent in the runoff).

    Pick your preferred Republican and back ’em, but ENOUGH with all this hostility to fellow Republicans who prefer a different GOP candidate than you do.

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