DeMaio Jobs Forum Outlines Strategies for Preparing San Diego’s Workforce for the 21st Century Economy

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Outlines “Hire-A-Youth” Job Training Program for 5000 Students and Proposes Stronger Partnerships Between City, Colleges/Universities, Veterans Groups, and Businesses Key to Equip San Diego Workers with Skill Sets]

Councilmember Carl DeMaio wrapped up his latest “Job Creation Summit” today by issuing a call to action to “make San Diego’s workforce the most innovative workforce in the country.”  DeMaio pledged to make workforce development a major component of his “Pathway to Prosperity” Jobs Plan for jump-starting San Diego’s economy again.

“If we are to get San Diegans back to work, we must make sure they have the skill sets they need to succeed in a highly competitive 21st century economy,” DeMaio noted.

At the forum DeMaio expressed particular concern over the exceedingly high unemployment rate among youth and returning veterans (17% and 25% respectively) – as well as the deficit in workers with skills in STEM disciplines: “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.”

The Summit was attended by over 60 leaders from workforce development groups, small business owners, veterans job training programs, and a variety of economic sectors. Some of the ideas generated from the discussion include:

  • Improve partnerships between the educational system and local businesses to provide expanded training in “STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” Skill Sets
  • Expand apprenticeship programs – including a proposal by DeMaio for a “Hire-A-Youth” job training program to serve more than 5000 students
  • Improved job training and career transition services for returning Veterans
  • Restructure and stabilize the finances of the city’s ailing K-12 educational system
  • Enhance coordination between Workforce Partnership and local colleges, universities, non-profits, and businesses – with greater involvement and leadership by city officials in the workforce development system
  • Expand incubator programs for college students to apply skills and gain experience in helping emerging businesses grow

DeMaio will be holding another job creation summit on Nov. 4th – focused on the defense industry, military, CleanTech, biotech, communications, and small business issues.

“These Job Creation Summits are key to getting feedback and ideas from the people who know the most about how to create jobs: actual business owners and entrepreneurs.  If we are to craft and implement effective policy in city government, we must rely on the advice of those who know best,” DeMaio concluded. To view DeMaio’s “Pathway to Prosperity” plan visit:


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