DeMaio Endorses Lorie Zapf for City Council

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“Lorie Zapf is the only candidate who represents real fiscal reform in District 6.”

San Diego, CA – San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio today announced his endorsement of Lorie Zapf for City Council – District 6. DeMaio has made fiscal reform his top priority on the City Council and has been the leading advocate for fixing city finances through pension reform, performance audits of each city department, and implementation of voter-approved managed competitions.

“There is only one candidate who represents real fiscal reform in District 6 and that is Lorie Zapf,” said DeMaio. “If voters want real change in city government, they need to put Lorie on the City Council.”

“The outcome of the District 6 race will likely determine whether we will ever get real pension reform at City Hall – and whether we will ever reduce wasteful spending in the budget,” noted DeMaio.

DeMaio praised another candidate, Steve Hadley, as a man of integrity and committed to public service – but noted the race had narrowed to two front-runners, Lorie Zapf and Howard Wayne.

“I originally was going to wait until after the primary to endorse in this race, but Howard Wayne has attempted to masquerade as a reformer of city pensions. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Wayne spiked pensions while he was in Sacramento and left the state in a fiscal meltdown.  A vote for Howard Wayne is a vote against changing the dysfunctional system at City Hall.”

Thanking DeMaio for his support, Zapf said, “I deeply appreciate Carl’s endorsement. His reputation as the leading proponent of fiscal reform makes this endorsement especially meaningful to me.”

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  1. Wow. This is coming from a man who once said, regarding pensions:

    “Look at this as if it were a family’s budget. What we did was stop paying the mortgage and didn’t gain more income, but still went on nice vacations. The kids are happy for a year. But then the bank forecloses on your house.”


    “So the Budget Fairy says let’s not pay the mortgage this month, but let’s take the kids on vacation. How irresponsible is that?”

  2. 1.) Kim Tran is also a conservative, and she intends to make fiscal reform and managed competition happen. (If you’re looking for a Lorie Zapf alternative, which many people are.).

    2.) Kim Tran has run an effective grassroots campaign, which has gained enough momentum to knock Lorie Zapf out of the runoff. Which is why the party is scrambling and putting in additional money for Lorie Zapf…in a primary.

    How is Howard Wayne a threat when democrats are expected to have a low turnout and independents are swinging conservatively this election? Whichever Republican wins this will most likely defeat Howard Wayne.

    This election is actually Zapf versus Tran.

  3. We are shocked, SHOCKED, that Carl doesn’t believe Kim Tran has a chance!

  4. Dave Maas will go anywhere to attack Carl DeMaio! He’s like an obsessed little school boy…. Amazing!!

  5. As of September 20, Carl DeMaio declined two weeks worth of requests that he reaffirm the statements made in this press release.

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