DeMaio’s jobs plan for small businesses enthuses San Diego restaurant owners

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California Restaurant Association, San Diego Chapter Endorses DeMaio

San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio garnered the endorsement and enthusiastic support of one of the largest small business organizations in San Diego: the San Diego County Chapter of the California Restaurant Association which represents over 6,500 restaurants in San Diego County and employ more than 100,000 employees in the county.

“As a former business owner, Carl DeMaio knows that streamlining bureaucratic regulations for small business owners will attract employers and increase jobs which in turn will generate more revenue for the City and restore neighborhood services,” said Mike Morton, Jr., President of the San Diego County Chapter of the Restaurant Association. “Our members appreciate his well thought out jobs plan and his leadership in support of small businesses.”

“I am so grateful to have the support of restaurant owners in San Diego—one of the leading employment sectors in San Diego and the embodiment of the American Dream,” said DeMaio. “As Mayor, I will use a balanced approach to attract jobs and employers to San Diego. These small business owners are the engine of providing new jobs in San Diego. Eating and drinking establishments provide 51,000 jobs in the City of San Diego.”

“A true leader in a broad coalition, Carl DeMaio understands the nexus between major policy changes and trade and industry success,” said Phil Pace, owner of Phil’s BBQ in Point Loma. “To bring jobs to San Diego, DeMaio will make it easier for small businesses to navigate through the maze of city government by streamlining the process. We know with sensible approaches like that, we’ll have a proven leader in City Hall who’ll draw jobs and more jobs to San Diego.”

The San Diego Chapter of the California Restaurant Association provides access to the resources and support restaurant professionals need to lead thriving businesses. As the oldest restaurant association in the United States, they have built a powerful slate of advocates and a reputation as the definitive voice of the state’s restaurant industry. California is home to more than 90,000 restaurants and bars, employing 1.4 million workers, making them an indisputable driving force in the state’s economy

“Restaurant owners work day to day to keep their operations profitable and Carl DeMaio is the only candidate with a real plan who will work day to day as mayor to attract jobs to our region,” said Susie Baumann, owner of Bali Hai Restaurant.


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