Day 3: Who Are They Marti? We Aren’t Going Away

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For the third day running, the office of San Diego City Councilwoman Marti Emerald has refused to announce who exactly is on an ‘advisory committee’ that allegedly met with Mayoral representatives and Marti on Saturday, and voted ‘overwhelmingly’ to support a new downtown library and city hall. This must be a very important group of people – after all the Emerald office used this vote to indicate this group spoke for the community in question, D7, when it came to these expensive projects.

I’m stumped.

* One would think at least ONE reader would know ONE person who served on this committee, particularly after I know someone respectable sent several hundred emails into greater Navajo yesterday with this question. Nada. Nil. Zip.

* I went through Emerald’s website: not a mention of this group having been created, not a mention of the meeting in any one of a few places that such a meeting would normally have been placed (I also couldn’t find an on-line calender for Ms. Emerald, a campaign promise I believe she repeatedly made in the newspaper).

I’ve read some of the comments on earlier posts on this topic, and I’m starting to agree that since Emerald, who reads this blog daily, doesn’t want to reveal who exactly speaks for D7 in her office, that a public information act may be required… or at least a request from the mainstream media… anyone out there? San Diego’s Finest Blog? SLOP? This is how we keep government honest and open, gentlemen.


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  1. This was also in voice of san diego last night (finally).

    Does anyone doubt that this group is simply filled with Emerald shills, like her attempted and failed appointment to the ethics commission. What’s great is that she will fight and fight revealing the names and make this a big story, and a time consuming disaster for her office, when she could have just come clean right away (as recommended by at least one staffer, I believe)

  2. Where is the Union Tribune on this? This is a bald example of do as I say, not as I do. America’s Finest Blog? Reporters? I know the number of reporters over there is smaller than it was but come on guys – don’t be like the New York Times, pay attention to what is actually going on in the streets.

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