Dave Roberts Knows Best (Don’t You Dare Question Him About This)

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Dave Roberts won’t be a County Supervisor in 2017.  Underneath the smiling, affable exterior is an elitist’s heart, as Roberts is confident he knows how to run your life better than you do. I knew this when I watched him on the Solana Beach City Council and his voting record as Supervisor confirms it.

As Supervisor, Roberts voted against the First Amendment and Fifth Amendment, and actively campaigns against property rights. His tenure on the Solana Beach Council is marked by the same: punish people who want a bigger home than you have, restrict how business owners use their property, repeatedly hike taxes, and failure to reform the public employee pension plan.

If someone doesn’t like what you do with your property, Dave Roberts will pass a law against it. If the enforcement of that law costs government more money, Dave Roberts will propose a tax for it.

The challenge for Republicans is that Dave is so darned nice. I mean that, too. Roberts has been in perpetual campaign mode during his first term. He’s always smiling, willing to lend a hand with private sector projects, and first to show up to a new business ribbon cutting ceremony. A ready smile and a firm handshake does not a good elected official make. Voters really need to examine Roberts’ tax and regulate record and start asking him questions about it.

Challenging Roberts appears to be a problem. Yet, over half his staff and two of his closest advisers left his office. His former Chief of Staff accused Roberts of creating a hostile and highly politicized office environment. Roberts’ actions led to a back room settlement deal, cloaked from public oversight.  This scandal puts the seemingly unbeatable Roberts’ County Supervisor seat into play.

San Diego Councilman Mark Kersey, Assembly Members Brian Maienschein and Marie Waldron, and former Assembly Member Martin Garrick are all good candidates for this seat. Challenging Dave Roberts will be difficult but, if the recent news stories are an indication of how Roberts handles challenges to his “Dave knows what’s best for you” policies, his career in elected politics is about to end.


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  1. Great article, but I’m concerned about the lack of a challenger for Dave Roberts. This should have been one of the two biggest concerns for the San Diego Republican Party, at the end of 2012. Why is it that Dianne Jacob has a Republican opponent, but 14 months from the primary, Dave Roberts doesn’t?

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  3. It now appears that Roberts is toast. It’s only a question of whether he resigns, a recall campaign is instituted, or he toughs it out until the regular election. Given the fact that he’ll never again makes this high a salary, I suspect he’ll try to tough it out.

    County Supervisor is the ideal office to hold — assuming no special degrees for jobs such as City Attorney. “Supervisor” is a part-time job, pays about $150K with great benefits, is often “below the radar” and involves no Sacramento or DC travel. Never fear about finding a good GOP candidate. The only problem will be narrowing the field.

  4. San Diego is set for another Filner-like drama piece. This will go on for awhile. The question is if a second Democrat scandal in San Diego will have any ripple effects on the other races next year.

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