Datamar Poll: Faulconer 44, Alvarez 25, Fletcher 16

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From Datamar:

San Diego – A poll released by Datamar Inc., surveyed 533 voters on their preference of candidates in the upcoming City of San Diego Special Mayoral Election to be held November 19, 2013. It shows that Councilman Kevin Faulconer is favored by 44.1 percent, and Councilman David Alvarez has the support of 25.3 percent of the voters. Former State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher came in third with 15.9% of the respondents vote, and former San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre received 5.4%.

San Diego Mayoral Primary 2013


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  1. I just received a robocall from an actor pretending to be Karl Rove. “Rove” was urging a vote for Nathan Fletcher because he is a “true conservative” and he “will fight against labor unions.”

    This tells me two things:

    1. The Lincoln Club will sell their soul if that is what it takes to keep Fletcher out of the run-off, and

    2. Their polling is showing something very different from the Datamar poll.

  2. HypoQ:

    Was the call identified as from the Lincoln Club?

    How can you be sure it wasn’t Rove? Did he say he was an actor?

    Have to disagree you on your #2 assertion. If an entity desired to keep Fletcher out of a run off and their polling showed Alvarez at 23 and Fletcher at 18, that would make the race a dead heat taking into account margin of error. But, realistically, any half witted consultant or operative would say a nine or even 15 point and higher polling margin is too risky to consider backing off on the selected efforts, especially not knowing what may follow in the days to follow.

    Whoever is doing the polling might have data quite the same as Datamar’s. Or, they could being seeing very different numbers, in either direction. In any case, choosing to continue a campaign approach could be just as much about being behind and gaining as it is about being ahead and ensuring.

    Polling helps a campaign measure potential changes in approach. It doesn’t very often say to halt efforts, certainly not at this point.

  3. Barry,

    Good point on #2. It is smart to play hard to the final whistle regardless of the score.

    The call actually did say that it was an actor reading from an actual endorsement Rove gave. I can only assume it was from the previous election.

    As for the Lincoln Club, now that you mention it, I don’t remember there being any mention of who paid for the call. I just assumed it was the Lincoln Club, but I guess it could have been the Labor Council. Either way, it seemed pretty low, even by today’s standard of honor in political campaigns.

  4. I received the call this afternoon at 5:01 and there was no attribution – which I thought was odd as I believed it to be required by law. The speaker identified himself several times as “Karl Rove”, yet as the call was ending another voice came on to tell me that Karl Rove’s remarks were being read by a “John”. No last name given. End of message! I don’t think it was the Labor Council or the Fletcher campaign.

    What I’d really like to know is why is Faulconer’s election so important to out of area interests? Who’s he carrying water for anyway? It runs a lot deeper than the shipyard interests in Bario Logan.

  5. My memory is a little foggy here, but wasn’t datamar the dem shill poll group that twice predicted Donna Frye would be mayor of San Diego?

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