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So an innocent question gave me pause today:
Unnamed person said: “If this was a record setting low voter turn-out, why do we have the same crazy 180,000 ballots to be counted and no vote count updates on a quick schedule?”
I didn’t have a good answer, but one hopes there is a valid answer and I hope some Rostrafarians can enlighten us all.


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  2. I believe it’s because of the 180 thousand votes still needed to be counted is a lot of these come in by mail on the last day of voting, and also when someone signed up to do a mail in vote, and they change their mind and go to a poll to drop off their vote, all those have to stay in their envelopes and wait to be opened at headquarters to verify their signatures. Then they have to change the status of the vote. Most of the delays is verifying the signatures when somebody changes their mind on voting day.The only reason I know this is I called the R O V headquarters and asked them to explain the process and reason for the delays. Joe

  3. Thanks Joe,
    But we have a new Registrar (County election guru) and a low turn-out election, and the data updates are slower than before!!

  4. Jerome that is true there is a new updated system at the registers of voters office in San Diego, the bottom line is I hope they do it correctly and make sure the person that won is elected, then I hope that the people down at the headquarters will learn by their mistakes so next time it goes a lot quicker.I also believe that people should call down to the headquarters and ask them why it’s taking so long so they understand people are watching them. Jerome I think your post makes us think of what goes on in our systems today, it made me think about it and that’s why I made the call. Jerome thanks for the post.

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