Crimmins Out Of San Diego GOP In 44 to 1 Vote

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Last night the San Diego Republican Party took the unusual (I’ve never seen it in 25 years) step of ousting a member: Michael Crimmins. I was not present for the event but I did get several reports. I can’t stress enough how unusual, again, it was to have such an ouster and as much a vote like 44 to 1 (Crimmins being the 1) calling for Crimmins to be removed. Normally any action in this or any other political party has at least some sort of other side. The reason Crimmins was removed involved (1) unproved accusations of corruption against other committee members (2) racist comments towards Congressional candidate Mason Weaver, who is African American. As he left, several persons saw Crimmins bump Executive Director Barrett Tetlow and mutter something along the lines of “this means war.” Seriously, Michael? Do you really have to be that much of a Warner Brothers cartoon?

It gets better though. Although some of the coffee house press was present, the promised press conference of “a dozen San Diego and California Republican Party members” providing evidence of various crimes alleged of CRP Chairman Ron Nehring and Tony Kravaric never materialized. Shocking!


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  1. Did anyone get a copy of the handout I saw laying around last night talking about the anonymous emails? I picked one up but must have lost it between here and the car? The one talking about Kevin with all the technical jargon? I wanted to republish here.

    By the way, is it just me or did Cliff Sumrall make a complete ass of himself yet again last night. Sure, Cliffy, even though the whole committee thinks you are a long winded, power hungry old man we are going to hand over investigative power to your Star Chamber. Hope you enjoyed the drive from Fallbrook.

  2. Whether you like or dislike someone, could the bloggers please at least try to spell names right? So, we can at least have the same credibility as the UT? 😉

    I’ve corrected the spelling of Crimmins’ name. A web search easily produces most such names, as an easy way to spell check. Thanks.

  3. Cliff Sumrall: (paraphrasing) “We need to create a committee, a committee of party leaders to take all the evidence and study it in detail. Then they will come to the full committee and recommend what we do.”

    I like how Cliff Sumrall basically tried to recreate the executive committee, but with his people in charge, to get Crimmins off the hook.

  4. Crimmins seems to regularly fall back on, “I am a retired Marine…so I have integrity,” as if being a Marine alone assumes integrity. What assumes integrity is proving that you have some. Taking an anonymous email full of unsubstantiated charges and then sending it along with his personal take on it, as if the charges were assumed to be true…dumb. Is that how the Marines conduct business?

  5. Good! I am glad that Crimmins was removed from Central Committee. The Republican Party should not tolerate racist candidates or Central Committee members. We need to be responsible for cleaning our own house.

  6. The local Party is actually a Party of two or three with 38 plus sycophants blindly doing the bidding of the Party leadership without question or analysis of the issue at hand. I understand it may be a comfortable position to hold a title that impresses your friends, family and business acquaintances with the title “Republican Central Committee Member”. What does it really matter if you cannot think for yourself? There are only 7 or 8 members willing to stand up to the leadership on principle and they are all labeled “Kooks” or as “Stop Shushing Us!” says an “Ass”When did we take up the lefts game plan of marginalizing our own with labels so as to prevent the argument/debate from occurring. The attack on Sumrall is the most recent example. He has the gall to stand up for “Due Process” and is promptly labeled a an “ass” by a sycophant. I guess I grew up in the pre-progressive era where it was a minority view to hold the view that our Constitution is a “fundamentally flawed document” and the issue of Due Process could be so easily swept aside. Very sad

  7. It seems like I have seen this same “quality” of writing somewhere before. Unbelievable. The lack of logic and inability to form an argument prevents me from going back to work without commenting.

    So if the party wants to be more effective they should go 38 different directions rather than have one, focused goal that the vast majority agrees on?

    No offense to those who serve, but does that title really impress anyone? Or do they all do it because they enjoy the work? It seems like this guy is projecting on to others.

    He complains about being labeled for standing up against the leadership, but isn’t he labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with his contrarian views as sycophants who can’t think?

    I also think he missed the point about Mr. Sumrall greatly. He was asking for a committee to study evidence and suggest a course of action, but that is what the Central Committee should be doing. Hence the “recreating the Central Committee” thing.

    Also…I think his case would be a little stronger if the final vote was a tad tighter. Maybe just a tiny bit further away from unanimous. Don’t you? I just find it hard to believe that any one or two people are powerful enough to get 44 people on to the Central Committee just to oppose Mr. Crimmins. Speaking of acting like the other side, it sounds like “the King” is saying Mr. Crimmins was the victim of a vast, right-wing conspiracy. Hmm…

  8. As Spin Cycle columnist for San Diego CityBeat, I’m assuming you include me in your characterization of the so-called “coffee house press,” whatever that means. If you had attended Monday’s event, you would have also seen a veteran Union-Tribune reporter, a veteran East County reporter, and a local TV cameraman awaiting the press conference that didn’t happen. But as you say, you weren’t there, Mr. Murphy, whoever you are…..

  9. John, take the often less-than-tactful Murphy swagger as a badge of honor. I typically read CityBeat, East County Magazine, and Marelius et al while at a local coffee house. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, I would’ve been there myself — as a coffee house blog, perhaps — had I not been tied up elsewhere. Based on the anonymous “release,” I also thought it likely the whole thing would be anticlimactic. But, if anyone thinks it’s “typical” that the media would be there in anticipation of blood, that’s ironic, considering the issue at this point has received more play on SD Rostra than anywhere else!

  10. From my vantage point (sitting at the head table facing the audience), it was interesting to see the few friends Mr. Crimmins has on the committee not rise to vote against his removal.

    Even more telling was the couple of folks who, during the day on Monday indicated they supported the assertion that the process wasn’t fair towards Mr. Crimmins and actually stood up and voted for his removal.

    Mr. Crimmins’ written rebuttal to the executive committee’s findings was both comical (coming from a far distant universe) and smart alecky. Actually, taunting the executive committee.

    But what finally, in my opinion, did Mr. Crimmins in was his written words in his rebuttal. Requesting folks call Mason to verify Mr. Crimmins’ side of the story and telling the reader of Bob Watkins’ chastisement of Mr. Krvaric.

    So imagine Crimmins surprise when Mr. Watkins delivers a letter explaining just the opposite of what Mr. Crimmins wrote in his own defense and Mr. Weaver, standing before the committee to verify the racist charges against Mr. Crimmins.

    So as the vote total suggested, 44 persons were in on the conspiracy while Mr. Crimmins was the lone truthful person in the room.

    As for Mr. Sumrall, after his ill fated attempt to stall the proceedings, he and his wife got up and left. Probably wanted to get back to Fallbrook to catch 24.

    I think I speak for many there that night. Mr. Crimmins pushed the committee to remove him. There was no witch hunt. Only the actions of a man who should know better but obviously doesn’t.

  11. John Lamb is a long-time, legit professional reporter who
    worked for local mainstream newspapers in East County
    and downtown San Diego for many years.

    I would welcome hearing his ideas and analysis at
    any time.

  12. My apologies Mr. Lamb.

    I did not mean insult by “coffee house press” — when I think of City Beat et al I think of “newspapers” or magazines that I find in a coffeehouse or train stop, as opposed to those that come to my door.

    Mr. Murphy

  13. Mr. Sills — Thanks for the kind words!

    Mr. Murphy — Apology accepted. And if it’s true what several people have told me that you’re really the all-powerful swaggersaurus Ron Nehring in disguise, then I do agree, Mr. Jantz, that it’s an apology I’ll forever cherish.

    As for my analysis, I’m hopeful you all will continue to read CityBeat.

    And finally to Mr. Weaver — I’m still awaiting your return call. Four days and counting……

  14. You can of course cherish the apology anyway, but if Nehring or any other party officials were to write for Rostra, they would proudly do so using their real names. We might even insist on it!

  15. Just to provide a little different perspective here…I’m a normal guy who just wants to see the ideals the GOP was built on succeed. I’m only able to look from the outside in and have no connections to the inside. From my vantage point in the cheap seats, I could not see an internal war between two factions that has been described. I saw the Committee making the choice to throw a guy out who made racist remarks and sent defamatory e-mails. Maybe the guy disliked the leadership too, but even if he was a huge supporter of both Mr. Nehring and Mr. Kvaric, his actions should end with an official expulsion. Sounds like the right thing to do to me. From my cheap seats, my view of the Republican Party has frustrated me at times and other times made me proud. Cleaning their own house the way they did on Monday night is a time it made me proud. Nice work.

    PS I am using my real name.

  16. Guess we’ll have to take you at your word, Mr. Murphy, although I imagine a real name would put an end to the speculation….

  17. Actually, I’ve heard much speculation as to the identity of Mighty Thor, but seldom Murphy. For what it’s worth, did it ever occur to anyone that Thor may not be a person at all? Now I have another clue for you all. The walrus was Paul.

  18. So the person City Beat found to interview was BARRY BARON?


    At least pick someone who (a) has a clue (b) was actually in the room for what happened (c) has some degree of credibility.

  19. To the anonymous Mr. Did —

    Sounds like you’re no fan of Mr. Baron, who seemed pretty sharp and was cordial enough to me — oh, and who didn’t ask to hide in anonymity like yourself. So, yes, I do my best to talk to people with “a clue.” Guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to CityBeat (it’s one word, btw)……

    FYI — I requested access to the room to see for myself but was told by staff that it was a private “closed session” — no media allowed. Which is strange, because the agenda for that evening — I’m looking at it right now — makes no reference to a closed session of any kind. Maybe it’s just a given with “The Committee.” Who knows?

    I would have stuck around for the agenda item “Adoption of 2010 budget” as well, but unfortunately that, too, was part of the “closed session.” At least one committee member I spoke to said he hadn’t even seen the proposed budget prior to adoption. Is that usual?

    All this behind-closed-doors stuff — I tell you, it makes my head spin. Imagine if the City Council operated that way — y’all would be calling for some serious heads to roll. Seriously!

  20. John,

    The Central Committee is a private organization, not a government body. Our work in inherently political. Why in the name of the Lord would we let a reporter watch and report on our business?

  21. Dear Central Committee Member — (boy, more anonymity)…..

    I was only responding to Mr. Did, who suggested I should have talked to people “in the room.” I was merely pointing out that I attempted to be there. Was I surprised that my request was denied? Certainly not.

  22. Come on John, you know the rules here – even if we would put our names it’s the tradition on Rostra, from Red County, not to.

  23. There is no such rule or tradition that commenters be anonymous. Only, that everyone has a choice. A real central committee member by name wouldn’t be embarrassing themselves by openly commenting that the committee is a private organization, not a government body.

  24. OK, I’m behind the curve, I admit it. But I have seen several references to “resignations” in the aftermath of MC’s ejection from the committee. Can anyone clue me in who, if anyone, resigned over this?

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