Crime is down In San Diego County

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Public safety routinely consumes 50% or more of municipal budgets and crime rates are very much associated with the perception and reality related to “quality of life” issues. Is your local park an amenity or a menace? Additionally, property crimes have a direct effect on the cost of your area’s property Insurance. The attached annual SANDAG Crime Report indicates that in 2011, both the violent and property crime rates for the San Diego region decreased and were again at new 30-year lows. Good job people!
Annual CrimeReport 2011


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  1. This is indeed good new, Councilman. Thanks for reporting it.

    Most of the credit belongs to the People of California, who overwhelmingly
    passed the “3 Strikes Law” in 1994 as State initiative Proposition 184.

    They did so depsite the usual “Experts” telling them that warehousing
    Career Criminals would never work ! — It HAS worked, brilliantly, ever
    since then, by removing the sociopaths from the streets for good.

    San Diegans passed Prop. 184 by a score of 542,146 (75%) YES, to just
    175,362 (25%) NO.

    The Scoreboard shows… People of Calfornia, (184)…. Beard-Stroking
    Professors, (0)

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