County Supervisor Ron Roberts Endorses Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor

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Joining a growing list of high-profile city leaders, San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts today formally endorsed Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor of San Diego in 2012.

“Bonnie and I have worked together for more than a decade to create a safer, healthier San Diego. I’m proud to endorse Bonnie and know she will use her chief executive experience to continue moving the city forward in the areas of pension reform, job creation and fiscal responsibility,” said Supervisor Roberts. “Bonnie has the integrity and innovative leadership style we need right now to continue San Diego’s economic recovery. We’re both long-time residents of the city, and we’re both committed to making San Diego a better place for all of us.”

As a three-time elected District Attorney and former Superior Court Judge, Bonnie Dumanis has worked closely with Supervisor Roberts on several public safety issues and initiatives including Drug Court, juvenile court programs, substance abuse and crime prevention, and foster child initiatives. Recently, they joined forces to announce the formation of the first Reentry Court, a specialized court that’s addressing prisoner overcrowding and criminal recidivism.

“The City of San Diego is at a critical moment in its history,” Roberts said. “Bonnie Dumanis is the only candidate who’s led a large government agency with a $140 million budget and three labor unions. She turned around a troubled District Attorney’s Office, delivering consensus, efficiency and accountability.”

“I’m honored to have Ron Roberts’ endorsement. Supervisor Roberts’ reputation and record is that of a forward-thinking civic leader who’s not afraid to speak out on the issues of the day. He earned my respect early on and has also earned the respect of a great many San Diegans, from blue-collar workers to blue-chip CEOs,” said Dumanis.

Ron Roberts is a former San Diego City Councilman and current San Diego County Supervisor. He was elected to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors by voters in 1994 and currently represents the diverse Fourth District which lies in the City of San Diego.

Last week, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer announced their endorsements of Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor.


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  1. An endorsement from this man is solid gold……….Bonnie is solid gold also………I hope that she offers the publican insight into dedication…..I would start with her Juvenile Justice service………where her intensity and empathy were so well respected………………………….

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