Coronado suspends business license tax, eliminates fees for home business and occupancy permits

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Mayor Richard Bailey, a Republican, worked with Democratic Councilmember Whitney Benzian on the following.

Question: Do any other Republican elected officials in the county — or Democrats — have the fortitude to even consider similar action?

Press Release

January 22, 2018 – CORONADO, CA – At the January 16 City Council meeting, the Coronado City Council moved to indefinitely suspend collection of the city’s business license tax and streamline home occupation and business occupancy permit processes.

“Making a living is hard enough without government nickeling and diming small businesses and subjecting them to bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy,” said Mayor Bailey. The Mayor spearheaded the initiative along with Councilmember Whitney Benzian.

In addition to suspending the business license tax, the decision by the Coronado City Council also eliminated the fees for Home Occupation and Business Occupancy permits, which were previously $35 and $219 respectively.

These changes to the City’s business tax policy, result in fees of $25, the lowest business-related tax and/or fees for any city in San Diego County.

“I am proud we are doing what we can at the local level to make it easier for our residents and people that do business in Coronado to keep the money they earned in their own pocket,” said Mayor Richard Bailey.

The change in policy begins January 1, 2019 and applies to all businesses based in Coronado as well as businesses that operate in Coronado but are based in other municipalities.

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