Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey to take on Rep. Scott Peters

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This morning, Scott Lewis of Voice of SD, KUSI, and we’re sure a few others, picked up on Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey’s newly-filed Federal Election Commission paperwork, showing he’s mounting a campaign against 52nd District Congressman Scott Peters.

SD Rostra reached out to the Bailey campaign. “We have a track record in Coronado of keeping the public safe, paving our streets, and balancing the budget with low taxes and zero debt, which has served our community well,” he responded. “I think Washington would benefit from this approach so we are actively exploring that possibility and will have a formal announcement shortly.”

More to follow, obviously.


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  1. What can I say after eight years of observing the values and ideals of our GOP officials?

    Mayor Bailey is the cream of our crop. Character and morality that transcend party.



    Here’s something I’ve never said on Rostra.

    “Mayor Bailey, Debbie and I would be honored to host an east county fundraiser for you.”

  2. I don’t know the odds (“never tell me the odds”), but Richard Bailey has my UNQUALIFIED support. I even contributed to his successful mayoral Coronado race — a jurisdiction I care nothing about.

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