Congressman Bilbray Statement on H.R. 4173: The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

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The United States House of Representatives voted Friday, 223 to 202, to pass the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, H.R. 4173. Congressman Bilbray released the following statement:

“Spending in Washington is out of control, and taxpayers need protection from congressional leaders who have no problem bailing out Wall Street to the tune of $787 billion, or passing an ill-fated Stimulus plan that cost $700 billion, or watching AIG bonuses climb into the millions, or the billions that went to Detroit’s automakers. I voted against bailing out Wall Street before, and I am proud to have voted against H.R. 4173.

Further, this bill hands even more control of our economy over to the federal government while making it tougher for local businesses to create jobs. When San Diego has 10.5 percent unemployment, our focus should be on job creation in the private sector, not creating an even bigger government than we already have.”



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  1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for whole chapters to be written about HR 4173 in the history books. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 it ain’t. This proposed new law is so riddled with loopholes it might as well be rendered next-to-useless. It was passed 223 to 202 – with not one Republican legislator voting in favor of it. Not one. Even a law as watered down as this one is unacceptable to these fools. That fact alone illustrates more than any other the moral bankruptcy of that hideous party.

    HR 4173 is merely a baby step in the right direction. For three long decades these knuckleheads were permitted – by law – to run roughshod over our economy, looting our national treasure in the process. As Sam Cooke once sang, “a change is gonna come”. So much more needs to be done. So many old laws need to be re-instituted. Imagine cleaning up a blood bath with a Kleenex. That is basically what HR 4173 amounts to.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

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