City Reveals $180M Deficit – DeMaio To Convene Series of Town Halls

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Today the City disclosed a budget deficit of $180 million — confirming concerns that the city’s financial problems are worsening.

Councilmember DeMaio believes it is imperative that we educate and engage the public on the city’s financial problems — and seek their ideas on solutions. That’s why he’s convening an eight-week long series of “Town Halls on City Finances.” (See release below)

We’re ready to go on a “fiscal reality road show” around the city seeking public engagement and ideas for solutions.

In Wake of $180 Million Budget Deficit, DeMaio Launches Series of Public “Town Halls” on City Finances
Forums to Offer the Public a Candid Look at City’s Finances

Thursday, October 1st 2009

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SAN DIEGO – On the heels of the release of an updated Five-Year Financial Outlook that shows a worsening of city finances and a whopping $180 million deficit in the coming year, City Councilmember Carl DeMaio today announced he will conduct a number of “Town Halls and “Focus Groups” on City Finances to engage the public in a search for solutions to the city’s financial problems.

“If we are to hold city government accountable for implementing tough financial reforms, we have to engage the public in a candid and complete way so they understand how big the city’s financial problems are,” commented DeMaio in explaining the need for the Town Halls.

The briefings provided at DeMaio’s “Town Halls” will provide the public with a more extensive look at the various financial liabilities facing the city, expanding on the official Financial Outlook released by the city today. Topics will include the anticipated budget deficit, the pension debt, retiree healthcare liabilities, infrastructure funding shortfalls, and unsustainable labor costs.

More importantly, the Town Halls will also give the public a chance to discuss their ideas and input on solutions to restore the city’s financial health.

The first two Town Halls are slated to occur in the next month:

· October 14th at 6:00pm Scripps Ranch Library, 10301 Scripps Lake Drive, 92131
· November 5th at 7:00pm Casa de las Campanas, 18655 West Bernardo Drive, 92127

DeMaio is also offering small-scale Focus Group Sessions where he will engage business and civic leaders in an examination of city financial problems and options for reforms. These workshops commence on Wednesday, October 21 and run through late November.  DeMaio will present the city’s financial picture to a variety of stakeholders – and commits to brief any civic group that wants to engage in forthright dialog on city finances.

“We’re taking the show on the road – with the hope that an informed and engaged public will help push city leaders to solve the city’s financial problems once and for all,” concluded DeMaio.

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  1. This is brilliant. DeMaio is the ONLY fiscally conservative Republican left in city government in San Diego. And he’s taking his case to the public with these Town Halls.

  2. Oddly you could argue Donna Frye has acted somewhat fiscally conservative.

    But I get your point. My point was partly made to chastise Sanders and Faulconer for poor leadership.

  3. I join the praises for Councilman De Maio, but Councilman Kevin
    Faulconer has also done yeoman work, and cast plenty of tough
    votes to protect San Diego city consumers and taxpayers.

    His 2006 special election victory vs. Lorena Gonzalez, following
    Michael Zucchet’s resignation over “Stripper-gate”, was a big
    boost for the GOP.

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