Christopher Columbus is Bad Because he Knowingly Infected Native Americans With Disease

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The City of Los Angeles will no longer celebrate Columbus Day (but they will have a holiday called Indigenous Peoples Day).  The main objection to Christopher Columbus is the theory that he is a genocidal maniac, purposefully infecting native populations with disease from his ship’s crew.  Progressives would have you believe that Columbus was a white supremacist terrorist engaged in biological warfare. But, in Sacramento, knowingly spreading a life threatening disease is being decriminalized

Penalty for consciously exposing partners to HIV lowered in California :

Prior to the passing of SB 239, those who failed to disclose their HIV status to sexual partners could be punished with up to eight years in prisonAccording to CNN, the new legislation will lower that punishment to a maximum of six months behind bars.  The tweaked law will also lower penalties for knowingly donating HIV-infected blood from a felony to a misdemeanor.

I emboldened that last sentence  because it simply astounds me.  HIV positive people who conceal that disease from blood banks are knowingly try to spread their disease.

Many Republicans opposed the bill, saying it could lead to an increase in HIV infections. 

Many but not all.  Two Democrats voted against this bill, knowing they would be filleted in next year’s election.  Three Republicans voted for this bill:  Baker in the Bay Area, Lackey in Los Angeles County, and…wait for it….

Brian Maienschein in San Diego County.  The same Brian Maienschein who broke his promise to not raise taxes because…wait for it….

The hepatitis epidemic in San Diego.

To summarize for Indigeneous Peoples  Day, Columbus Day is bad because, over 500 years ago, foreign sailors infected Native Americans.  This was genocide.

BUT….  punishing people with a life threatening disease, for donating blood to uninfected people, is bad….

BUT…raising every Californian’s taxes is necessary because hepatitis is spreading in San Diego.

You can’t make this stuff up.  Pull this guy’s endorsement 


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  1. You are so jealous of Maienschein … Brian Brady … that it isn’t even funny. Look you can’t get elected so your voice remains annoying background insignificant noise. You fit in rather nicely in the back-stabbing sect of the San Diego Republican Party. I thought you were done with wannabe politics. Truly not for you Brian.

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