CA Political Review: Rep. Katie Hill Sex Life Financed by Campaign Dollars, FEC Complaint Charges

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“I live in the 25th Congressional District.  While the District is close to Hollywood, our Congresswoman is acting like an out of control pleasure seeker—in drugs or sex.

“The revelations of the past couple of weeks makes it clear about Congresswoman Katie Hills.”

Read Frank’s take on the revelations and what he’s doing about it. 


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  1. Thanks for doing the right thing in fighting the Debauchoecrats. Your leadership is much appreciated.

  2. I can’t wait for all the Duncan Hunter supporters (Is Nathan Johnson one?) to add their comments criticizing the Congresswoman’s behavior.

  3. Post
  4. If Katie Hill wants to use donors’ money to go to swingers clubs or watch porn, and the expenses are disclosed, I don’t care. The Nixon-era campaign finance laws are outdated in this century.

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